New station is fast by Baidu included six steps song

many webmaster said new sites by Baidu included difficult, if want to be in a short time fast Baidu included is even more difficult. In fact, otherwise, as long as you promote well, the new station is still easy to be included in a short period of time by Baidu. I have a new station in June 19th at 19 in the evening, formally launched and promoted, 5 this morning, Site once, the result is a little surprising: Baidu included home page, Google included 35 pages. Below I put the new station within 10 hours by Baidu included experience to share with you. read more

Ten misunderstandings of website construction

now the Internet era, large and small websites emerge in endlessly, personal webmaster also abound. How to operate a good site, is now a magic weapon to do stand here, summed up the ten mistakes to do standing, I hope to help your friends, less detours.

one, just stay in the release of corporate image and product information,

many companies in the introduction of the information process, the first thought is to the company’s products, business profiles, promotional activities and other information posted on the company’s Web site. This approach is at best only a number of electronic bulletin boards, and do not play the interactive function of the network. Because traditional industry operators are a conservative, so the initiative suggestion will have mostly. In fact, the site should be erected from the point of view of network marketing. In other words, is it possible to provide a direct access and communication channel between the enterprise and the consumer through the network, outside the existing marketing channel, and to provide an alternative marketing model for the enterprise?. Therefore, the website of the traditional industry should be considered by the marketing supervisor. The second point is to think from the perspective of management, for example, in the province has many business offices or branches, passing documents between various locations or whether the allocation of resources through the website, to improve business performance. read more

How to write soft headlines with sales force

is a tool for soft sales network, and don’t look at only a few words in the title role, it accounted for the entire 50% soft, therefore, write the title of the article, makes the title with a sales force, is an important skill in network marketing. There have been many articles about the title of soft Wen. This article tries to discuss the writing method with sales force from the angle of Baidu collection and ranking, attracting customer clicks, and the pertinence of customer purchase stage. read more

How to make their early development of sustainable development

now, many parents are very concerned about the child’s early education problems, when the child is still small, they began to shop than three, carefully selected, want their children to become the elite of the times. Therefore, the industry is very popular with entrepreneurs, but due to the concern of many people, the market competition is even more intense, and how to make their early development of sustainable development? Today we will analyze.

how to make their early development of sustainable development? The curriculum activity system includes not only the training objectives, teaching requirements, teaching content, but also the contents of the teaching process, teaching and learning activities. Entrepreneurial experience tells us that the early implementation of the process is a dynamic process of development in the process of the need to constantly innovate curriculum activities to adapt to the overall development of infants and young children, which is to promote the development of the core power of early childhood education. read more

10 years’ network career of ashes rank stationmaster

the following information is processed on the forum member SEN interview, 97 year online, 2000 began to get a few K knife checks, these experiences may give us a lot of inspiration, perhaps we can also be used as a kind of memory, to inspire us to these later


edge elements: SEN brother is also an old webmaster, and to share your webmaster experience, okay?

SEN: remember to do web uploads, use 336K cats or 56K cats to pass things. It’s hard.

edge elements: How did you begin to think of standing at first? How did the first stop get up? read more

Come from free, miss 8u8

8u8, once a loud name., the city of Shenzhen continuous development network limited, vulgar name, build a platform for the development of early China webmaster. Since 2000, 8u8 has provided personal homepage services. Its personal homepage is not large, but it has more than one million users.

8u8’s CEO victory has an interesting English Name: AllWin. 8u8 is just one of dozens of domains bought 2000 ago. The company also has provided continuous development website statistics, advertising exchange (rich Yankees website), was a smash hit "unified Taiwan countdown forum website, and (domain name promotion management station) and so on. The site name is not only easy to remember. And a more catchy, full-bodied local flavor. read more

Four basic elements of classified information website success

one, good page user experience. Pages do not seek gorgeous, but good chaos. Now all browsers have, only IE browser has 6, 7, 8, although IE6 users more, but IE7, IE8 users are also many, as well as firfox, TT and so on. Therefore, the site should try to do all kinds of browser compatibility, otherwise it will lose some customers. If we were users, browsing websites, and finding websites confused, would you continue to browse?. Anyway, I won’t, and will turn it off right away.

two, quasi target groups. Target groups are users who go back to your website and users who need to post information on your site. The size of the target group determines whether the site will be successful or not. At present, in relatively developed and densely populated small cities, we can try to build. But for a relatively small population, economic lag in the small, I think the time is not very mature. I have had the experience of failure, the site will not put up, lest you. I think the most appropriate is the construction of city level (three cities) classification information website. The big city has been completely preempted and it is difficult to squeeze into the front seat again. Although prefecture level cities also have many classified information websites, most of them are still immature except for 58, go to market and some other national types. As long as we make a little effort, we can catch up with them. read more

A security experience in the nternet

how does a security man make 500 on the Internet? Tell me about my experience and hope to communicate with you!


my experiences and you may not be the same, although I did not experience what is worth learning, but I want to share it with you, remember that because I am the only primary school sour, sweet, bitter, hot, so the organization culture, language ability is limited, please don’t too harsh.

my degree is not high, just graduated from high school, later joining the army, retired after 2001 to go out to work, and has worked as a clerk, salesman and security, is also in 2002 as a security guard, and the day idle poor, one day a colleague took me to the Internet, I have never before contact with computer, do not know what, with novelty and fun attitude to go, he taught me to play QQ, just apply for a number (the number is still used to send a message to), because I don’t know what is Chinese Pinyin typing, typing speed is very slow and I did not talk to others, because I computer novelty, watching others check things, I also began to surf, accidentally met YAHOO, at the same time for an e-mail, some editing function is the mailbox has aroused my interest, I Later learned that this is the editor of HTML, after a period of time do not know what the website for a free homepage, just know that I understand the YAHOO mailbox that came in handy, the first page is just one page, and then later found 51. NET also applied for a free web page, did the first thing to be a station, and at the same time know 3721, learned from the Internet can still make money, began to desperately looking for content rich own home page. read more

Current situation of navigation website development

when everyone knows LXP on hao123 easily earn tens of millions, many people are eager for a fight, into the ranks of navigation web site navigation station, a momentum of rapid development. In October 2008, hao123 was acquired by Baidu; subsequently, 265 was acquired by Google; for a while, many people thought that the site navigation network could bring them huge income, and the phenomenon of following the trend was quite serious. Just a few years, the station has entered the competition white hot, since 2007, with the site competition intensified, each webmaster management and management innovation has also accelerated significantly. From single navigation to feature extensions, from interface variation to URL segmentation, from mass pages to personalized customization, from general navigation to deep navigation…… Site stations do everything possible to adapt to and meet different Internet users in many aspects, deep-seated demand, to the depth of stage development. As the pace of expansion is too high, some people think that the site industry has been declining. read more

Dai Renguang how to successfully go out of small and medium-sized personal website

I think the site is a very wonderful thing, because this way and the traditional line of business is different, I can also bring fresh, but the site must successfully go out to go out, this does not necessarily mean you have much traffic, but the real number of users know your website, if say you don’t know your site flow value you will be greatly discounted.

said although my website has not been successful, but thankfully, my site in a step by step to go out, have a lot of friends know, there are a lot of people on the outside or super station platform will talk the super station. Although the website to make traffic flow is very important, but just a basic website success going out is we really pay attention to, or even if the site is very fat, just puffiness only, a lot of good business model can not successfully grafted. When it comes to go out, but also the image of the website is to gain user acceptance, form their own brand, when you think of a problem, your site can be flashed from the user’s mind so that your site has occupied a space for one person in the eyes of users. Today, let’s talk about a website that wants to go out. What kind of effort should we make?. read more

Do stand for a long time to do keywords, finally moved yourself

always feels that doing a station for a long time makes a fool of himself. Cross stitch city many words, just for SEO, ten for the word machine, without any emotion, only when it brings me countless IP, countless traffic for more or less the oceans have, since hi mean.

snowstorm occurred, the "snow disaster" into the keywords.

the Olympic Games have come and made the Olympic Games the key words.

earthquake 0. It happened. I cried.

has been in the government for a long time, and there’s always no leader at all. read more

An article, all clear product pain point, itching point, selling point in the end what is it!

marketing, in the end on what to open,


has been in the field of marketing, there are three key words can be described as enduring, and marketers from all walks of life as well as business experts are in support of these three words, platform.

these three words are: pain points, itching points, selling points (excitement).

in fact, these three words are not only the motivation of all marketing, but also the basic driving point of all business and all products. If the core value of your product does not point to any one of the words, to be truly successful in business, then you think, only flower in the mirror, see the water, but you can’t touch, there is no real significance read more

A small webmaster site experience

I started contacting the website in the second half of 2006.

is the beginning of the static page with "the Three Musketeers, now want to feel a bit funny, because want to join the message function in the website, will use online free guestbook, didn’t even know what ASP, PHP what, also don’t know how CMS station program, the content is after the completed template in DW page added, not to mention how tired a lot of trouble. At that time I was wondering how the big websites like NetEase and Sina were made. read more

Don’t let your website operation user experience the seven year itch

for most of the webmaster friends is certainly no stranger to happy net, at the end of the day to the farm to steal food, grab a parking space, parking lot and so on in the past some friends trading by the webmaster’s favorite, almost all the staff of an account. Some people even play obsessions, wondering how to steal food every day, up in the depth of night to steal food, gold grade and soaring in the virtual world by more and more people are entering the web game.

however, the same game day in and day out eventually enemy nevertheless netizens Xixinyanjiu, steal a few fruits and vegetables are also less fun, netizens started not so crazy in this game, many people even began to sell their farm account. Prior to the NetEase network has read relevant news, "a large number of players selling happy network account has sold 80 thousand yuan maximum", more and more people began to no longer favor these simple and interesting web games. As a webmaster we can also see a site operation from the lesson, that is your site to be fresh, don’t let your visitors have the "seven year itch". read more

Keeping the simplicity of the early product is the ultimate secret of avoiding the cycle of product

Abstract: in the Internet era where entrepreneurs flourish everywhere, the cost of acquiring business users is getting higher and higher, and the word "product death cycle" comes into being. So how do Internet startups get users early? How does early product design prevent death cycles?

titanium media note: entrepreneurs everywhere in the Internet era, start-up companies users access to higher and higher costs. "The death of the product cycle" the word first by Twitter user @davidjbland is proposed, then another @andrewchen Twitter also in his blog on the death of the product cycle are explained and further thinking. How do you get users in the early days of entrepreneurship? How can you keep your product from getting into the "dead circle"? The author of the titanium media translated his blog and added his own thinking. read more

Looking for a fire in the nternet in winter

looking for a fire in the winter network

today, a reporter MM chatted with me and asked me if the Internet was coming in winter. I was afraid. Why should I be afraid? She said that the chain of funds for SMEs could not keep up with them, which would lead to big trouble. What she said was scary.

winter to winter, still winter sun, so as grassroots entrepreneurs, as Internet start-ups owners, the company was founded, it suffered cyber attacks and suffered winter, Chinese economic recession, inflation and other environmental impact. So I Born Under A Bad Sign, but did not care, because I believe that the network still has the winter sun, but the sun is not shining everywhere, but need to find in the winter sun. read more

do stand experience (blood Edition)

novice station experience

Hello, all day in the ADMIN5 here to turn around, read some articles, and I also want to write about their experience, so that more people who are prepared to do stand to look at, first of all, I rookie. Up to now, I haven’t earned any money, so don’t laugh at me.

Speaking of

station, I had more than a year in an Internet company, mainly to do business, the company received the website is by the technician, technician here, not what the basic ASP.PHP program, to the customer to do the site is static, as long as the others can be grilled about now, it should be not what technical content, this is, when he is old envy these people do technology, then, slowly, he used his business manager of his position, literally forcing these techniques to tell me, what is the forum, what is FTP, how to use the FTP. That’s when he began, in a little bit of contact with the site, but it is not what you have done, is to do a simple forum, the people of the ready-made procedures to pass up, change the line, then his sense of Feel old arrogant, and later his work changes, so the forum will be nothing, read more

Station construction for several years — on the steps of building local characteristic websites

I site of Zhanjiang forum has been on the line, although it is not very good, but I nearly a month of careful planning out, feelings of excitement, just want to come here and share my joy, and the establishment of the experience. If there is wrong, please point out my friends, my QQ is 9424106, I do PHP origin, welcome webmaster mutual exchanges and cooperation, can add my QQ, I can also go to the site of the station area post.

has been on the Internet for so many years. All the time so many people, many of my former friends have made money and become famous. I don’t lose them in terms of technology and creativity. The key is that I am too impetuous. read more

SNS social networking sites look at users with a growing eye

did not know when social networking sites became popular on the internet. Some time ago, overnight Facebook from abroad to the happy network, social networking sites, "pear blossoms". But the news has recently come out again, and social networking has reached an inflection point. Is social networking worth it?

station news network "casual dating website market growth slow lose interest is the first", "the social network of high-speed development of the network crime in the spread of Facebook, as well as some time ago for" happy net "anti loserunion", it seems that a lot of news are based on the social networking site. Although social networking sites such as Kaixin and com have a lot of traffic, they don’t have a clear profit model, and many even question whether social networking feeds itself on advertising. What are the prospects for social networking sites, read more

Web user experience how to create a natural decision-making experience

WeChat Zhang Xiaolong’s user experience quiz: the goal for the user experience is to be natural.

before we discuss the user experience, many of them stay in the interaction / interface, such as this one to Google (Xi*2) to create smart web experience, of course, these are professional products / designer to consider things, many websites behind the exquisite design, still feel the lack of some "flavor" of

today found a mobile shopping guide website T online, focusing on the "shopping guide" service, positioning is a social shopping guide platform. Mobile phone shopping is a low frequency of bulk consumption, users will make a lot of early research before making decisions. read more