The rise of the IRPF takes away the dream of Spanish football

first_imgSome clubs have not made public the information of the current season, and that is why the table shows the figure corresponding to the annual accounts of the previous year, the 2018-19 season. In total, the increase of that 4 percent suppose 69 million to the clubs, figure that will rise when the data of the entities that are still to be reported are known. Then that LaLiga estimate of 80 million will be corroborated.According to calculations, the rise in personal income tax will affect 750 players. First and Second. In the highest category only between 3 and 5 percent have a salary of less than 300,000 euros. The minimum wage (SMI) in Primera is 155,000 euros. In Second, 75,000. In this category, most charge over 130,000 euros, but few exceed the barrier of 300,000, so they will apply a 2% increase and not 4%.But who should pay that 4%, clubs or footballers? In some cases they will be the entities and in others the players. The difference will be established by the contracts, if they collect the salary in net or do it in the rough. The clubs that pay in net will assume the payment of the raise. On the contrary, if the player who charges in the rough will be he who is harmed. Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético usually pay in net. Small clubs, raw.The type of contract that is becoming more common among players is agree a guaranteed minimum in net so that the rise in interest rates does not affect it.In Spain, The Autonomous Community that most taxes its high-income citizens is Catalonia, with 48% that will now become 52. The least, Madrid, with five points less, now rising from 43 to 47%.Let us explain the practical example of a soccer player who agrees to collect a net token of 10 million euros. His gross salary in Madrid would now be 14,300,000 euros. With the increase, whoever has agreed to collect in net will always receive those 10 million, taking charge Your club of that increase. On the contrary, whoever has agreed to pay his raw token will always charge the signed 14,300,000, but having to assume from his pocket that tax increase that will involve paying 400,000 euros more in the income statement, of 4,300,000 to 4,700,000.LaLiga, however, is already working on a strategy to minimize the effect of this fiscal measure. The income tax increase that he government plans to approve soon has in football alert Spanish. To clubs and footballers. Why that one 4% increase for incomes over 300,000 euros and 2% for those that exceed 130,000, it will mean Spanish football around 80 million euros.The Government plans to raise a total of 328 million euros Due to the income tax increase at the highest income. Much of that new tax will be paid by sport, which is where there are a greater number of workers with millionaire contracts. Alone those 80 million football accounts for 24.37 percent of the total expected revenue.The new measure, which can be approved at the first meeting of the Minister council of the Government, which will be on Tuesday 14, has alerted LaLiga, which this week sent a circular to all clubs warning of what is coming up. According to the forecast made by the employer, the impact will be 80 million, a pinch that can carry secondary consequences such as the escape of some soccer players or the readjustment of the budgets of the clubs, which in turn will review downward the future contracts of the players.Most clubs have made their budgets public for the current 2019-20 season. They can be seen on their websites in the Transparency Law section.The table that is attached under the heading ‘Expenditure on Workforce’ includes, in millions of euros, the figure that they included in the box ‘Expenditures for sports staff registered in LaLiga’.last_img read more

Muguruza: “I hope to get to the last day, but there is much left”

first_imgThe Spanish stated she feels “good” in the event. “I’m tremendous concentrated in each recreation, particularly since I began like that. I’ve seen that my physique was bettering. In a Grand Slam you will have to do it like this and this is one in every of the ones that motivates me the most, “he defined. Garbiñe spoke about his former coach, Sam Sumyk, who now prepares a participant who could possibly be his quarterfinal rival, Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: “With him there was an finish of the cycle. There got here a time once I thought I wanted a unique voice, a unique power.” He believes that Conchita Martínez, with whom he works now, offers it to him: “I believed a former participant would perceive me in a short time. I don’t want to have many phrases along with her for complicity. We had already labored collectively and nicely. Nothing may be assured, but I’m completely happy to have her on the workforce. “Additionally had a number of Muguruza phrases about Kobe Bryant, who died this Sunday in a helicopter accident: “He was a fan of tennis and spoke Spanish, I shortly realized that he knew many issues about me and I used to be impressed as a result of he is a legend. He was very candy. I awakened with a number of messages telling me to watch the information. I can’t imagine that such a misfortune occurred, how is it potential {that a} legend finally ends up like this, “he concluded. After successful Kiki Bertens brilliantly in the spherical of the Australian Open, Garbiñe Muguruza He talked about his expectations in the event: “I don’t know. Let’s see, I’d like to get to the last day, that’s one thing I can say. At the second, we’re in the center of the event. It’s Monday, there are nonetheless numerous video games.”last_img read more

Lopetegui: “There are no second chances here”

first_imgRegarding the eleven holder, Lopetegui confirmed that Vaclik will be his starting goalkeeper when he has been injured for several weeks and that Ocampos is recovered from gastric discomfort suffered during Tuesday. However, the En Nesyri contest went on the air: “En-Nesyri has risen badly and we will value during the day to see how it evolves“.Logically, the Sevilla coach was questioned about the arrival of Suso although he did not want to get too wet: “I know the option is open, but there is no official status. If it comes finally it will be to help us. He is a player of the taste of the club and the coach, but he has not yet arrived and those who are going to help us pass the tie are those who are. “Finally, Lopetegui did not hesitate to praise the Mirandés to alert his pupils: “Anduva’s difficulty is Mirandés, which is very well managed. I think he is one of the best players in the category. That speaks of their strength in their field and we have to prepare ourselves to play a great game and overcome them in a complex and difficult context. “ Julen Lopetegui appeared in the Sports City of Seville to analyze the knockout round of the Copa del Rey against Mirandés, in which the Basque coach does not want any relaxation: “It is a final and the finals are played at all or nothing. Even more so with this Cup format and before a good team, which has already eliminated Celta and has not lost in Its stadium since August. It is complex, difficult and they play football well. There are no second opportunities here“.last_img read more

20 ultras arrested from Zaragoza for a fight with Racing fans

first_imgAfter giving a statement to the judicial authority, the detainees were released with charges for alleged crimes of tumultuarial quarrel, public disorders and hate.The sources cited consider that the recorded events were “clearly circumscribed” to the sports rivalry between ultra groups of both teams that work with “great violence” in the different scenarios they visit and that previously agree, through the networks, the fights.These sources add that the arrests are a “hard blow” to the “more active and violent” part of the group of ultras of Real Zaragoza. National Police agents have arrested twenty members of the ultra group “Ligallo Fondo Norte” of Real Zaragoza for their participation in a fight tumultuaria registered on December 14 with members of the “Verdiblancas Youth” of Racing de Santander.According to the General Directorate of the Police, the fight took place at 4.30 pm in an area between Andrés Gay Campo and Alava streets of the Aragonese capital, in the moments before the celebration of the match between Zaragoza and Racing.The investigations carried out by agents of the Research Group of the Higher Police Headquarters of Aragon allowed the identification and subsequent detention for these events of about twenty members of the Ligallo North Fund between 18 and 32 years.last_img read more

Mariano puts Jovic in trouble

first_imgMariano is the player who least counts for Zidane and, despite that, neither throws the towel nor makes it easy for Jovic. The tip came out of the dungeon in which he has confined his technician to play three minutes in the Classic, who guessed the garbage, and transformed them in a great goal which also has consequences in the historical pulse between Real Madrid and Barcelona … The last League with so few points was the Burning Nail League, 2006-07, which was resolved agonically on the last day with a tie at 76 points and that he went to Cibeles because Madrid had won him the goal average particular to Barça. An intangible element that nobody remembers until you need it. Well, if white people need that virtual bullet again, they have it in their holster. The triumph grants the goal average to the whites and that stampede in the jungle of Mariano that was 2-0 he returns to Madrid the historical record of goals in La Liga. The whites are again ahead of Barça, 6,152 to 6,151. They also break the tie in the overall in the Classics: now they are 73 Madrid triumphs, for 72 culés.His case is almost a mysteryMore than one in Valdebebas does not explain why Mariano plays so little and many more why he did not go in January to seek fortune in another place being, as it is, in a moment of absolute physical fullness. Mariano has one hundred meter runner’s thighs and the boiling blood, the opposite pole to Jovic. “Where others don’t want to play those minutes, Mariano goes out to eat the world”, Álvaro Benito gave in The Partidazo. “He has given everything in three minutes,” admitted Zidane, who with everything and with that escaped him in the flash interview what “Jovic is ahead”. He confirmed it later at the press conference. “Mariano is the third striker”, he said, although Jovic was not summoned to the Classic by technical decision. Mariano has been invisible to his coach and has only had 47 minutes, but with the moral triumph of marking Ter Stegen.If Vinicius is the mood of this Madrid, Mariano is offered as partenaire energizing. In a team with goal problems, which has to be held 11 days as leader and traced in Champions in the EtihadIt doesn’t seem like a small thing.last_img read more

Olaizola: “Mendilibar is one of the best coaches in Spain”

first_img– In his last season as a footballer and captain of Mallorca, 2003-2004, he coincided with Iván Ramis, who, at 19, alternated the subsidiary and the first Mallorcan team. What can you say about Ramis, current Eibar captain?– It was already seen that Ramis, from a very young age, had many faculties. Everyone assumed that he would succeed in the world of football, as he has achieved. Even now, who is 35 years old, it shows when he plays and the defensive strength he gives the team.– Olaizola retired with 34 years as captain of Mallorca for the injuries, which are now harming Ramis, who is similar in age when he ‘hung up his boots’.– I had never been injured during my career, but I had to retire because in a year and a half my two knees were broken, one in Riazor and another in Mestalla. Then I could no longer continue in elite football. Iván Ramis does not have injuries as serious as I had, so I am optimistic and I think he will recover from his knee injury, in which he has undergone an arthroscopy to clean adhesions. I am convinced that he has one more year left in the elite. I usually see him from time to time in San Sebastián and sometimes we have spoken.– From your experience, would you recommend Ramis to become a coach when he leaves football?– I would recommend Ramis to be a second coach, because he suffers a lot from first coach. It has nothing to do with the football career of a player than that of a coach. The distribution of responsibilities among soccer players is between 25. There is always a person who has more responsibility, who is the coach. A player starts thinking about the next game on Thursday, or Friday, or even the day before. However, when the coach finishes an encounter, he is already thinking about the next one. It is a beautiful race, for those who like football. But it also involves a lot of suffering constantly. – Before, Basque players were quoted and, now, also coaches, such as Mendilibar, Valverde, Emery, Jagoba Arrasate, Gaizka Garitano, Asier Garitano, Imanol Alguacil, Antoni Iraola …– The Basque character is a winner, 100% competitive. That has been demonstrated before in the teams that had Basque players and, now, they are seeing Basque coaches. We have defined characteristics that are not the same in other communities. And that’s why those technicians are triumphing.– Do you see yourself training in Primera, after doing it in Second in Mallorca at two different times, in May 2014 and December 2016?– The illusion of a coach is always to progress and improve. I am focusing on my work in Arenas. We are struggling and suffering a lot to try to achieve permanence in Second B. But for any professional, their illusion is to train in the highest category.– How many current footballers of Eibar or Mallorca have you trained?– In the first team of Mallorca, to Lago Junior (former Barca player), Baba, Joan Sastre, Raíllo, in my second time there. Lago Junior has many virtues to play in the highest category, it has cost him, but football has put him where he deserves, in First. I also directed Sergi Enrich in the youth Mallorca, and Pedro Bigas in the first team.– While an Eibarrés coach, Javier Mandiola ‘Manix’ trains Atlético Baleares in Segunda B, in the same category, Javier Olaizola, for 9 seasons, a footballer from Mallorca and a Majorcan coach, works outside the Balearic Islands, leading the Arenas. It could be the other way around. Is there no logic in football?– In the world of coaches there is no logic, you have to ‘take your bags’ and go from here to there, where they want you and there is a good sports and economic proposal. ‘Manix’ is playing a great role in Atlético Baleares, with which he played last season’s promotion phase to Segunda and, now, he is once again leading leader of his group. You have to fit in clubs where you can have successes.– It is curious that Eibar has three Balearic footballers, Ramis, Sergi Enrich, and Pedro Bigas; while there is only one Basque-Navarre, Arbilla.– Players also try to progress and improve. Both Sergi Enrich and Bigas, whom I trained in youth and the first team of Mallorca, respectively, and Ramis, who was my teammate in his footballing beginnings, are helping Eibar be year after year in First.– What is your prognosis for the match and your heart with who goes?– My heart is ‘broken’. I want them both to win and not to descend. They are the two teams of my life. I can’t make forecasts. If one wins, I will suffer for the one who has lost and I will rejoice for the one who has won. Javier Olaizola (Lasarte, 1969) has the “broken heart” between the Eibar and the Majorca, his two exequipos, which will meet on Saturday (13 hours) in Ipurua for the first time in the First Division. The former defender – elected in the best eleven of the 75-year history of the Barça club -, who he was a Majorcan captain and also his coach, he hopes that his two previous sets achieve permanence in the highest category. He is the current technician of Getxo Sands, Biscayan club of Second B, since last summer. Lives in Saint Sebastian, from where you travel daily to Bizkaia.center_img – Eibar and Mallorca face on Saturday. How do you see the game of your two former teams?– Very competitive, because the two are in a complicated situation. Although Eibar is better, because it adds 5 points more than Mallorca, which is what marks the relegation places. Mallorca comes from losing in Son Moix (0-1) with Getafe, while Eibar has won Levante (3-0) in Ipurua.– Permanence is at stake. Mallorca, a newly promoted, if he wins, would approach the eibarreses. If Eibar wins, it would move away from a direct rival.– They are two rivals who are fighting not to descend. Mallorca is the third by the tail; if he wins in Ipurua he would approach Eibar, and would be close to leaving the relegation places, although Celta is ahead. If Eibar wins Mallorca, it would take a giant step to achieve permanence.– Mallorca has improved somewhat as a visitor, but has not yet won as a visitor.– Mallorca’s handicap is that it has only added 2 points, 2 draws with Celta, and Betis. It is a poor baggage at home to be able to achieve a goal such as permanence.– Mallorca is usually good at Ipurua, where he has won many times in the Second Division, some with Olaizola as a footballer. What do you remember about those matches?– I had coaches (Víctor Muñoz and José Manuel Esnal ‘Mané’) who told us that the team that won in Ipurua had great chances of getting promoted to Primera, since they understood that winning there was very complicated. Now it is still a very difficult field, since Eibar is a team well worked by its coach, Mendilibar. His game is strong, powerful, he presses very well. Winning in Ipurua is very complicated for rivals.– He played at two different times at Eibar (seasons 1991-1992 and 1994-1995), which was a ‘springboard’ for Olaizola and many other players.– The two teams of my life that I have engraved in my heart are Eibar and Mallorca. Eibar because it gave me the possibility to play twice and then sign for more powerful clubs; For that I will always be grateful. In Ipurua we all formed a great family, managers, players and technicians. And Mallorca was where I established myself as a player and where I achieved the most important successes of my football life (promotion to Primera in 1997, the Spanish Super Cup in 1998, a runner-up of the European Cup Winners Cup in 1998, and a Copa del Rey in 2002-2003).– How times change! He made his first debut with Real Burgos (1992-1993) – he also performed at El Plantío in 1993-1994 in Second -, and now a Burgos team is in Second B facing the Sands he trains. Instead, Eibar militates in First.– Eibar has been doing better and better management and that has allowed it to reach the highest level, which in its day was difficult to dream of being in First. But not only has he achieved it, but it has remained, because some thought that he was going to be in the top category for a short time. I hope it goes on for many years. In Burgos the opposite has been the case, since the club was poorly managed in the 90s. The players then had problems charging. When you do things wrong, you end up in failure. That happened to Burgos.– Did you ever dream that Eibar was going to play in Primera?– Dreaming yes, but it was complicated that in modern football, where so much money moves between clubs, Eibar will reach the league of stars. In addition, thanks to Mendilibar he has been in Primera for many years, and in previous seasons he has enjoyed options to play European competition. It is a brutal success.– As a coach, how do you rate Mendilibar at Eibar?– Mendilibar is the great architect that Eibar has been in the elite for so many years. I am his number one fan, for the values ​​he instills, for the way he works and for how his teams compete. For me Mendilibar is one of the best coaches in Spain.AIOL & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>AIOL (DAILY AS)last_img read more

Goodbye to waste in soccer

first_imgA scenario that would affect agents, who charge a percentage of player transfers. José Antonio Martín ‘Petón’, CEO of the Bahía Internacional representation agency, although he is no longer at the forefront of this business, is on the path: “The coronavirus can air soccer. It is a good time to seek common sense and bring order. An elite group of 5-6 crazy teams against which nobody can compete was being created. You cannot deny them that they have a higher income, but you can force them to spend similarly to others. Still they would have a margin of superiority over the rest, but not so obscene. It is a matter of sensible majorities and they may be forced to do so. Barcelona has a severe liquidity risk and maybe they have to be the one to take the plunge“The circumstances point to an opportunity to bring sanity to this aspect. It has been very generous and detached. It will be a time of reflection and readjustment. The contracts are going to adapt to this scenario and new clauses will be included to put variables that if there is no activity, you do not charge, “adds Liébana.Manuel García Quilón, another of the great agents of Spanish soccer players, does not share limiting the market: “This crisis is going to reduce income and curb investment in players. But Limiting the market has no legal coverage. Within the legal parameters, each one can be managed as they see fit and they decide what they can invest. With less income, there will be fewer transfers” Jorge Ibarrola, a lawyer, maintains a position close to Quilón’s: “FIFA should be in charge of regulating these ceilings and it would be necessary to see if these measures are in accordance with the European regulations on economic freedom and movement of players. Furthermore, look at the side effects. A limitation could favor the greats. It would be easier for players to switch teams with cheaper transfers, and powerful clubs could secure salary caps for players, while smaller ones could not.“ Times of austerity come to football. The coronavirus has misplaced the budgets of the clubs, which have been cut off from the income tap (television rights, tickets, subscriptions, marketing …) and are trying to survive by reducing the spending on the wages of their players and workers. Experts consulted by AS assure that the impact of the pandemic could be a turning point for an economic model who has managed to make transfers for 222 million euros (Neymar’s to PSG) and salaries of up to 8.3 million a month (Messi, according to L’Equipe). Now, there are several voices that predict that the economic bubble of soccer is going to deflate and are committed to limiting transfers and player salaries.Gay of Liébana, professor of economics, is the first to analyze this bubble: “The whole world of football is scared and there may be a puncture. There will be prudence and sanity in the market because there is no money coming in. Perhaps nothing will ever be like before” Jaime Fortuño, professor at the EAE Business School, believes that it will be a drop in the market that can be recovered in the coming years: “It is going to deflate, but it will come back. It is not a problem of soccer as a business. The superficial properties will disappear only a year or two. Now it will be difficult to see big signings and the clubs are going to think about making big investments, although signing an Mbappé or Neymar offers you a great return. It will also affect those who want to sell players like Dembélé and Coutinho and do not end up doing it because it would be for less than 100 million. “Carles Murillo, President of the Spanish Society for Sport Economics, also bets on austerity in the next market and a reformulation of the system: “The bubble swells as demand increases and football has squeezed the goose that lays the golden eggs with so many games. In life these situations make you rethink things. More than one will think of putting things in a more economically reasonable environment. I do not see it feasible to pay a lot for players, except for the clubs that have people with many reserves behind them. There will be a devaluation of prices by players. This would be the time for you to temporarily an American-style transfer limitation is imposed. Limit wages and transfers. Although it would have to be in the short term as a shock measure. “last_img read more

Newcastle is the first club in the Premier to go to ERTE

first_imgCoronavirus also opens in the United Kingdom. There are already more than 1,200 deaths. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, had trouble starting with the measures, but yesterday he already addressed his citizens by letter to warn them that “things are going to get worse.” The Premier League, like other European leagues, is standing and watching the future with concern. In this sense, Newcastle has been the first club, as announced by The Telegraph, to benefit from a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE). The British government has offered to companies to pay 80% of their wages due to the cessation of productive activity demonstrated by the coronavirus and for the duration of the crisis. There, as in Spain, companies have also been given this option. According to the English newspaper, in this case, Newcastle have asked the club’s non-first-team workers to take advantage of this option. The British government agrees to pay 80% of the salary for all those who cannot work for the measures taken by the coronavirus up to a maximum of 2,800 euros per month. Newcastle was the first club in the Premier to take advantage of this measure. Other lower-level clubs such as Leeds or Birmingham have already agreed salary deferrals with their players and many others from the Second Division are already preparing it.last_img read more