Armed Men Allegedly Poison New Georgia Well

first_imgResidents in New Georgia on Somalia Drive Road have alleged that some unknown individuals are poisoning wells and hand pumps “to kill [them] in the name of Ebola.”Mr. Franklin Friday, who spoke to the Daily Observer, reported that at about 4 a.m. Monday, August 4, they saw two gigantic individuals (unknown), armed with guns, using a medical syringe and attempting to drop a liquid substance into the well that is being used by thousands of homes in the area.As a result, Mr. Friday noted that people in the community are afraid, because he said many people are dying from these deadly acts and claiming that it is “Ebola.”According to him, after noticing the unusual acts by these individuals, they immediately contacted their lawmaker (Rep. Saah Joseph) to look in the matter.When Rep. Joseph arrived, he brought along with him some officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and instructed them to lock the  well and contact other relevant government agencies to conduct testing on these wells. If proven to be contaminated, the community will launch a serious investigation into the matter.Also speaking, Buston Kolliegbo, who resides in the area, said that the Ebola issues have become so alarming that the whole nation has been affected economically and socially.  There is a complete breakdown of citizens’ health care because of the different ways in which the problem is being tackled.“Nobody is having exact information as to the diagnosis and everybody is confused. So the [well poisoning] incident that happened yesterday at the [New Georgia] junction is a wakeup call on the government, especially the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW), to test the water in every well,” Kolliegbo suggested.     Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘No Expatriate to Be in Boakai Gov’t’

first_imgA reliable source in the UP standard bearer’s office has indicated that one of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s first priorities if elected in October will be to ensure that anyone who wants to serve in his government will have to relocate their family to Liberia, if he or she resides outside the country.At a political event recently organized by the ‘Friends of Augustine Ngafuan’ (FAN) in Monrovia, the VP said that his officials will be compelled to seek medical attention at home and their children will have to attend local schools.Additionally, when he became Unity Party’s standard bearer at its convention in Gbarnga, Bong County mid-last year, Vice President Boakai said he would make changes in the governance structure of the country.“This in essence means we have to provide the quality that everyone can use as a government. We have to ensure that the country’s services and infrastructure will have to be standardized and equipped for our people. If you cannot ensure these then you cannot serve our people,” the source in the VP’s office said.The source said that the VP plans to address several issues pertinent to the growth and development of the country, with the twin issues of outdated hospitals and a messy school system being two of the many issues he intends to straighten out if he is elected. The country’s health system, dilapidated prior to the Ebola outbreak, still lies in ruins. The school system, on the other hand, continues to be termed ‘a mess’ with students performing below expectations, though the government recently contracted a portion out to private companies through a partnership deal.Capital flight is an issue that many believe continues to undermine the economy of the country as millions of dollars are taken out of a country that already has a high impoverished population.A top executive of FAN, who recently endorsed the presidential bid of the VP, said the group’s decision to join forces with the VP is based upon his commitment to address some of these bottlenecks.Other issues such as the huge salaries of government officials and the purchase of expensive vehicles, according to FAN chairman Ernest Garnark Smith Jr., will also be addressed by the Boakai administration.He told this reporter in a conversation that, “We need money to develop our country and we can’t afford to see a few people enjoy state resources while the majority live in abject poverty. Addressing these national imbalances is why we joined the Boakai movement because we believe he has the passion and willpower to address these things that are serving as impediments to our growth as a country.“We must use our resources to develop our country and not to continue to enrich other countries that are highly developed already. Our officials’ children and families are living luxurious lives in those countries with our meager resources, and yet we expect for Liberia to develop? You must be joking. We don’t need expatriate officials anymore in this country.”Expatriate Liberian and other officials have overwhelmed the government and this is serving as a huge handicap to the country, many critics have said.These are measures that would gain the overwhelming endorsement of the Liberian people, and if well-articulated by the VP during this campaigning period, would lure thousands of Liberians to his camp—eventually landing him the presidency, according to Unity Party insiders.The soft spoken but sagely VP, many are predicting, will loosen his wings and make some hard decisions when he gets into the driver’s seat.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) VP Boakai – Advertisement –last_img read more

“Bolo” arrested in Suriname for deadly attacks

first_imgPiracy massacre Days after 39-year-old Nakool Manohar, called “Fyah”, was arraigned for the murder of Tilacknauth Mohabir, called “Caiman,” who was brutally killed during the deadly piracy attacks in Surinamese waters, another Guyanese was reportedly arrested for the heinous crime.Based on information received, the suspect, “Bolo,” a popular fisherman on the Corentyne, was arrested by Surinamese lawmen over the weekend.Nakool ManoharSurinamese officials are tight-lipped about the arrest, by well-placed sources confirm that one man was arrested and is being questioned in connection with the deadly attacks that have left several dead.Two weeks ago, “Killerman”, who was fingered in the murder of Guyanese businessman Somnath Monohar, was arrested after an informant provided information to the Police, and he remains in custody as investigations continue into the incidents.Based on reports received, the informant, an enemy to “Killerman”, was shot to his chest during an attempted execution by the suspect, who drove off the scene with another man in his vehicle.Prior to Killerman’s arrest, it was reported that the late Somnath Monohar’s family had travelled to Suriname and had offered US$50,000 as revenge money for his murder. Monohar was killed on March 30 while he and a colleague were standing in front of a relative’s home.However, prior to his arrest, Premcharan Ravikan, a Surinamese Police Auxiliary Agent, was found dead hours after he had allegedly been kidnapped by Guyanese. He was reportedly stabbed five times and shot once. His throat was also slit, and a single bullet wound was evident on his abdomen. It was later reported that he had been connected to the shooting death of Somnath Monohar. He reportedly had provided the weapon that was used to execute the businessman.To date, “Crackhead” has confessed to killing five of the Guyanese fishermen and disposing of their bodies by throwing them overboard.Upon his arrest, he reportedly told Police that he was following orders, which were to attack the boat and “get rid” of the occupants.Five of the men survived the attacks, which occurred between April 26 and May 2. Four bodies were recovered but 11 persons are still missing. Meanwhile, several persons remain in custody for the murderous incidents.last_img read more