The rise of the IRPF takes away the dream of Spanish football

first_imgSome clubs have not made public the information of the current season, and that is why the table shows the figure corresponding to the annual accounts of the previous year, the 2018-19 season. In total, the increase of that 4 percent suppose 69 million to the clubs, figure that will rise when the data of the entities that are still to be reported are known. Then that LaLiga estimate of 80 million will be corroborated.According to calculations, the rise in personal income tax will affect 750 players. First and Second. In the highest category only between 3 and 5 percent have a salary of less than 300,000 euros. The minimum wage (SMI) in Primera is 155,000 euros. In Second, 75,000. In this category, most charge over 130,000 euros, but few exceed the barrier of 300,000, so they will apply a 2% increase and not 4%.But who should pay that 4%, clubs or footballers? In some cases they will be the entities and in others the players. The difference will be established by the contracts, if they collect the salary in net or do it in the rough. The clubs that pay in net will assume the payment of the raise. On the contrary, if the player who charges in the rough will be he who is harmed. Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético usually pay in net. Small clubs, raw.The type of contract that is becoming more common among players is agree a guaranteed minimum in net so that the rise in interest rates does not affect it.In Spain, The Autonomous Community that most taxes its high-income citizens is Catalonia, with 48% that will now become 52. The least, Madrid, with five points less, now rising from 43 to 47%.Let us explain the practical example of a soccer player who agrees to collect a net token of 10 million euros. His gross salary in Madrid would now be 14,300,000 euros. With the increase, whoever has agreed to collect in net will always receive those 10 million, taking charge Your club of that increase. On the contrary, whoever has agreed to pay his raw token will always charge the signed 14,300,000, but having to assume from his pocket that tax increase that will involve paying 400,000 euros more in the income statement, of 4,300,000 to 4,700,000.LaLiga, however, is already working on a strategy to minimize the effect of this fiscal measure. The income tax increase that he government plans to approve soon has in football alert Spanish. To clubs and footballers. Why that one 4% increase for incomes over 300,000 euros and 2% for those that exceed 130,000, it will mean Spanish football around 80 million euros.The Government plans to raise a total of 328 million euros Due to the income tax increase at the highest income. Much of that new tax will be paid by sport, which is where there are a greater number of workers with millionaire contracts. Alone those 80 million football accounts for 24.37 percent of the total expected revenue.The new measure, which can be approved at the first meeting of the Minister council of the Government, which will be on Tuesday 14, has alerted LaLiga, which this week sent a circular to all clubs warning of what is coming up. According to the forecast made by the employer, the impact will be 80 million, a pinch that can carry secondary consequences such as the escape of some soccer players or the readjustment of the budgets of the clubs, which in turn will review downward the future contracts of the players.Most clubs have made their budgets public for the current 2019-20 season. They can be seen on their websites in the Transparency Law section.The table that is attached under the heading ‘Expenditure on Workforce’ includes, in millions of euros, the figure that they included in the box ‘Expenditures for sports staff registered in LaLiga’.last_img read more

DD Motoring: 2016, the year of Personal Contract Plans

first_imgWith just under two months to go to the end of 2016 cars sales have finally came back to near the numbers they were before the recession hit. It’s a changed world in the motor trade over them years and in Co. Donegal in particular the change is clearer than in anywhere else in Ireland. Three German blue ribbon brands are no longer available new in Co. Donegal. Dealerships for BMW, Mercedes and Audi no longer are based in Co. Donegal. These brands would have the highest sales in Ireland, in Donegal, outside the city before the recession.PCP (Personal Contract Plan) is the buzz words for 2016. The number one selling car for 2016 is and will be the Hyundai Tucson by a country mile. We tested this SUV earlier this year and it has maintained it number one figure all this year. The timing of the Tucsons arrival and its payment plan was bold and it payed off in winning the title of Ireland’s best selling car. The best selling car in Donegal this year so far, the Tucson from Hyundai which we tested earlier this year. Photo Brian McDaidHyundai have been here for years but it will be the last three or four years they will be remembered for. People that never bought a new car in their life bought a new car in 2016 because of PCP. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore that most of customers will never own their car in PCP as they opt at the end of their payment plan to trade in for a new car.PCP with a difference! This week my report comes from the driving seat of a new beetle. I am in a Beetle because Volkswagen are the nearest favourites to pip Hyundai in the manufactures race for the best overall sales in 2016. The recently revised beetle are a class act. There is something so nostalgic about these cars.A familiar shape that has managed to stay in production for so long, the purists will say it nothing like the old air-cooledrear-engined model it replaced. But for me it’s as near as we will get to one of the great icon of motoring history. The Beetle on the bootlid of a new model in the showroom in JJ Reids in Letterkenny. Photo Brian McDaidEighty years ago in 1936 there was a PCP in operation for the beetle 20 years before it was even built. The PCP was the People’s Car Payment.Back then the idea had been for a small saloon that could carry a German family of five flat-out at 100kph along the country’s new autobahns. It was to have cost 990 Reich Marks, which represented 31 weeks’ pay for the average German worker in 1936. To buy one, however, members of the Volk had to join a special savings scheme run by the organisation KdF (Kraft durch Freude, or Strength through Joy); from 1938, the Volkswagen, The People’s Car was officially named the KdF Wagen. The was the same car German families had saved up for before Hitler’s invasion of Poland dashed their hopes.Ultimately, the sheer quality, along with the affordability, reliability, economy and distinct look and feel of the Beetle, ensured its success. It had, though, been touch and go for Volkswagen in 1945. Although the car had been on the drawing board since 1934, following a meeting between Hitler and Porsche, the Volkswagen failed to get into production before the war.Eighty years on and you still can buy a new Beetle now the only difference is you get the car first then you pay in for it on a payment plan.One of two Vw Beetles which we drove their week. Photo Brian McDaidI am old enough to remember the original beetle on the road, even remember the very early version pulling for petrol where I worked as a petrol pump attendant and me unable to find where to put the regular petrol into it. In those days you had to lift the bonnet to locate the petrol tank. Driving the new beetle this week I could not resist pulling the bonnet to see what had changed. The old familiar squeaking of the old spring loaded bonnet have gone, now the engine has moved to front to replace where the big spare wheel and petrol tank once lived.Inside the beetle the dash is so like the old version which comes in black or colour coded like the exterior. Driving looking out through the small window has so much a feel of driving the old beetle. The retro interior of the New VW Beetle reminds of the original car it replaced. Photo Brian McDaidThe beetle was the best selling car in the world at one time. Now the golf which replaced the beetle in the 70’s is still the second best selling car in Ireland in 2016.Even the Golf is over 40 years old but it style and heritage is still drawing customers to make it the 2nd best selling car in Ireland.The next couple of weeks will show which manufacture, Hyundai who is presently in first, VW who is in 2nd and Toyota in 3rd will make it to the number one spot for Christmas.Happy motoring folks. DD Motoring: 2016, the year of Personal Contract Plans was last modified: November 9th, 2016 by Brian McDaidShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Betway launches second edition of Sports Leadership workshop

first_imgBetway Uganda-country manager Adellah Agaba (Center) poses for a picture with the two winners of the AFCON competition on Monday. (PHOTOS/JOHN BATANUDDE)KOLOLO – Betway has officially launched the second edition of the Sports Leadership workshop.The launch took place on Monday, June 17, at the Golden Tulip hotel in Kololo.While speaking at the launch, Betway Uganda-country manager, Adellah Agaba emphasised the importance of the workshop.“This is a great opportunity for sports stakeholders to learn, share experience as well as pass on the knowledge to other sports organisations, noted Agaba.“It is a sign that Betway is committed and serious about making a difference in local sport.The betting giants will host the second edition of the Sports Leadership workshop from June 18th-19, intended to benefit sports stakeholders in the industry with development of sports in Uganda at the top of the agenda.The private seminar will explore the latest trends in international sport, job opportunities and commercial revenue in sports, Fans engagements, Leveraging and Rights and brand positioning.This comes at a relevant timewhen Uganda’s sports industry is highly recognized on the International scene and the local leagues are at peak performance with fans back in the stadia to watch games and corporate companies taking keen interest in the sector.With this seminar, Betway intends to achieve improved club management, positioning and eventual sports development all round for extraordinary results.Betway aims to help in exploring Uganda’s ultimate sporting potential and seeks to use this seminar as a platform from which all stakeholders can learn and share.This Seminar will bring together all sports disciplines and stakeholders (Basketball, Football, Rugby,Tennis, Futsal, Handball, Boxing, Pool, Media, Regulators, Government institutions, Marketing firms,etc.) to share experiences, network and learn from each other for the good of the game and the industryat large.The event on Monday was also intended to express a vote of appreciation to the media who Betway stresses, has been integral in the growth of sports in Uganda.At the same event, the betting company handed over Visa’s to the two winners of their AFCON competition.Martinez Mulazi and Emmanuelson were the two people who emerged victorious in the competition, winning them selves an all-paid expense trip to Egypt where the 32nd AFCON will take place.The two will fly out of the country on Thursday ahead of the AFCON kick-off the following day.Comments Tags: Adellah AgabaBetWaySports Leadership Workshoplast_img read more