The nature and meaning of sport

first_imgSport is about a range of specific activities which involves competition and requires physical conditioning and skills. A good way to define it would be to say, “It is a structured physical activity, usually competitive, that requires complex skills and a high level of individual commitment and motivation”. Let’s look at what this mean: · Structured physical activity-structured means it is organised. All sports have governing bodies that set rules and arrange events. It also requires physical preparation to some extent. · Competitive-all sport have a competitive element, either between individual and team. · Requires complex skills-skills have to be learned for an individual to become a performer. Basic skills have to be learned first, which are later developed into more complex skills. · High level of individual commitment and motivation – top athletes get to where they are by training for long hours for many years and often have to make sacrifices. This of course leads to rewards, such as winning, a sense of achievement, prize money or wages, which make all the hard work worthwhile. Throughout history, sport has played a variety of important function in society: as a form of recreation, as a preparation for war or the hunt; or later as a substitute for war. Some sports such as wrestling, date back thousands of years, others have arisen and being adapted from other activities. Today there are hundreds of different sports and the job of defining what a sport becomes very difficult. However, a number of characteristics that are shared by all sports can be identified. Common Features of Sport Most of the world’s sports contain the following features: · Competition between individual or team · Physical activity · Winners and losers ( in some sports you can have a draw) · Rules to ensure fair competition · A special place to play ( e.g., a pitch, court, or ring) · Special equipment There have been many attempts to divide sport into groups. Let’s examine a few: · Game – in this group of sports, you win by out-thinking your opponents, dominating territory, and scoring in some way,( coincidence, anticipation, avoidance),e.g. Soccer, Hockey, Badminton etc. · Gymnastic – in this group of sports, you win by producing movements which are performed as perfectly as possible when compared to a pre-set standard (movement replication), which are marked by judges, e.g. gymnastics, trampolining, etc. · Athletic – in this group of sport you win by producing more power than your opponents (power optimisation), e.g. running, jumping, weightlifting, etc. Specific sports in each of the three types can be analysed by investigating their: · Structure ( rules and organisation) · Strategies ( plans made to win) · Techniques · Physical demands of the sport (fitness, energy systems, etc.) · Psychological demands of the sport (skill, anxiety control, goal setting etc.) Sport can provide the basis for a lifelong participation in regular exercise, and the development of mental and moral qualities, including team spirit, sportsmanship, self-discipline, cooperation, commitment, and competing within a framework of agreed rules. Sport can help channel people’s energy and aggression in a controlled and constructive way. The relationship between PE and sport Physical Education (PE) and sport are closely linked. Whilst Physical Education is a part of the process of education that aims to improve human development and performance through physical activity and Sport is about a range of structured physical activities, the two shared close relationship.  Physical education curriculum places great emphasis on sport and team games, in an effort to raise the importance of these in school life. Both are concerned with physical performance and through them health benefits can be gained; there is the opportunity to push oneself physically and discover strengths and weaknesses about oneself when given challenges or competition. However, there are also differences that set the two apart. Physical education is about the development of the individual, whereas sport is about the development of excellence. Sport is often about winning and success while PE is concerned with preparation for leisure and a healthy lifestyle. Most of our great professional sportsmen and women began their development in physical education classes. – Send questions and queries to: jenelbro119@hotmail.comlast_img read more

Itaballi-Puruni road in a deplorable state

first_img…residents calling for Govt’s interventionThe Itaballi to Puruni road in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) is yet again in a deteriorated state and residents and miners who traverse the road which serves as the only entrance and exit to various sections of the region are calling on the authorities to intervene now as the road has become impassible.The deteriorated state of the Itaballi to Puruni road which miners are forced to endure in seeking their livelihoodMiners are being forced to suspend their operations at various intervals owing to the deteriorated roads in the area. The miners made calls on the Government to correct the problem so they can earn a livelihood without hindrance.This road, which is the gateway to Guyana’s mining sector, sees thousands of persons traversing on a daily basis to get into various backdams to mine.Several of those miners reached out to Guyana Times on Monday to highlight the plight they are facing in seeking their daily bread.A gold miner, Trevor Alphonso, who was left stranded on the road right through Friday night after his pick-up became stuck on the trail told Guyana Times that he was on his way out of the backdam as he received news that his son had fallen ill. He said that he was aware of the state of the road but was willing to make the effort to get home to his son at any cost.“When I spoke to my wife Friday morning and she told me my son wasn’t well I got worried and like any father, I started to make my way out. My pick-up got stuck and I left stranded for hours before a truck pass and assisted me. We all need to work. We know the condition of the road but we can’t just stay at home waiting for the Government to fix it. We would all die out because the Government don’t care about the people. Once their pocket full that all they interested in,” he said.Alphonso added that several times, he and other miners brought this issue to the attention of the regional authorities, who always say that they have been informing Central Government as it is their responsibility to repair the road.“Every time we bring it up and complain, the only thing they say is that it’s up to Central Government. They claiming they keep reporting to Infrastructure but nobody has ever responded or even visited. But they are boasting about outreach and outreach and fooling up the people, this Government care nothing about the people. We all know that”, Alphonso stated.Another miner, Jerrick Amos, who also spoke to this publication explained how the condition of the road is affecting his ability to work and provide for his family. He noted that the road has been in this atrocious state since February and no visit was ever done nor was any effort made to carry out any works on the road. He described the situation as hazardous and very frustrating. “I can’t work as I use to, I am lucky if I get a good trip in there in a week. When the gold slow I take in fuel to sell and the struggle that it is to reach in there and the damages to your vehicle it’s like you’re working at a loss but we all need to live, we need to earn to take care of our responsibility. The Government isn’t helping the situation at all. They making life harder than it is already. I would like them to see this story and see the pictures and I hope it touch them and they decide to pool some resources here,” Amos said.Other miners and business operators who were forced to halt their operations pointed out that the road has been neglected for more than a year and deteriorated to this state over the past few months. They also called on the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to make an urgent intervention and arrange the much-needed repairs for the road soon.last_img read more