Baidu home snapshot updates slow, linked to advertising

As everyone knows the

search engine Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese, believes that many webmaster friends all depend on him, and 80% of all traffic provided by him, if that day Baidu K your home station or put down the right and so give punishment, so do stand friends will be very depressed; but many stand does not rely on Baidu that is, but for some large sites. In fact, the webmaster to do a web site, it is not easy; to be a successful webmaster is not easy. (for example, my own experience, my website was made 1 years ago, but I’ve been standing here for 5 years now, but I don’t have any success. Understand a lot of webmaster is to do some time, no confidence or no willpower, not, and I am one of them. Since 08 years I was determined to do this station, this is simple to start speaking difficult, and now finally lasted a year; this year is only the first acquisition point, but then the whole is added manually, every morning at 8 noon sometimes, looking for the latest articles, get a website a few hours. Thanks to my time or not until now most of the webmaster) the most troublesome is the server and bandwidth costs, this part of the occupied most of these stations grew up spending, (I understand that if you stand flow is not a lot, do not stand for a long time, then you are spending more than included a lot, I have a friend to rent a ordinary server 500 yuan a month, a year 6 million (except other expenses) for nearly a year income is not full, lose money to do promotion website) if I believe that many owners will not do such a choice. The reason why this site to maintain, began to hang point ads, the first hang Ali mom advertising, I heard that the impact of the site did not hang up. Many people can feel GG advertising, I also hung on the content of the home page, and now they realize that others are right, the content page hanging GG advertising seems to be no problem. (equivalent to their own under the test ha ha.) I also saw a few home page hanging GG advertising basically snapshot slow, as for a few can also. read more

f winter comes, spring will be far behind

this is a very controversial winter winter, the network is not the first time around 2000-2003 experienced a winter, the emerging Internet companies down, layoffs, and even cut only less than 10 people have, but in 2004 the development of the recovery and that is the rapid acceleration to the pole.

this summer Ma a "winter" caused a great disturbance in the online portal have said their situation is very good, unlike the winter like terms of more intense direct criticism in speculation read more

ndividuals must develop a network to a certain height

just contact network, I think I like a lot of network members, just start doing blog, put some ads on googlead, look back every day, browse and click rates, to see what a good Wangzhuan forum to offline, click on the high price, slowly come into contact with the network to make money, a down interest, thought the network can to make money, then PPC, ppm, PPT, surf concept has been gradually.

to do a certain time, it is to make ends meet, energy and material consumption was more than offset by electricity, and cannot satisfy the needs of food and clothing, and then began to doubt, to find a better way to make money network, because we see the network of predecessors, his true love revealed a word I am not in the network deceive us to make money, just to see the original PPT is that we need to have their own website, and then to put up the ad code. read more

nitial financing channels and principles of writing business plans

any start-up costs, and even the minimum start-up costs include some of the most basic expenses, such as product deposits, store rentals, not to mention larger commercial projects. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, the ability to raise funds quickly and efficiently is a crucial factor in entrepreneurial success.

financing channels for SMEs

The financing channel of small and medium-sized enterprises

domestic entrepreneurs to realize, is relatively single, mainly rely on banks and other financial institutions, in fact, venture financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, to a multi pronged, do not hang in a tree, so that we can The more, the better. read more

Do webmaster to specific several basic conditions

1 technical aspects of the basic CMS will be used, such as easy to move, dedE, understand a little HTML knowledge, will use DW.

2 to have a good body to do the webmaster, often stay up until 3 in the morning is long, some things, if you do not have a good body, is not carrying the past.

3 a little SEO knowledge search engine optimization, the same, nothing more than the chain and the original, do these 2 points on the good, not recommended over SEO, a real good, Baidu is not the popular sentiment, give you the front. read more

A media person’s experience why is it worth talking to an entrepreneur

technology from the media industry has been in the ascendant, however, the industry seems to have been set, the famous authors have become famous, the rising technology blog is also looking for transformation. Unfortunately, as the Internet technology spectator, I have watched for three years as a writer, while nearly two years, but due to various reasons, the real name in the public view, this is just one or two months.

missed the wind: since the media industry has been set

and several friends often say "tuyere" these two words, although in many practitioners of "tuyere theory" this concept dismissive, but the fact proved, I really missed the outlet. A friend at the gateway technology channel told me that in their internal meetings, the idea was emerging that the first batch of veteran technology blogs were "portals"". The so-called "portal" is editing self-sufficiency, and gradually get rid of the situation from the media feeds. read more

Ask you what kind of website you want to do now

you brother master webmaster Hello! Not only the first time in the ADMIN5 article did not know what to say! My cultural level is not high also write what if they don’t laugh at me! Is a network of Internet more time to make a successful web site has been my the dream but a few free programs are not successful! Recently got a picture of station over a month didn’t promote flow has been not to day 10 IP sad ah! GOOGLE included only 100 pages of Baidu! The most irritating only included a home page! Here we strongly despise dead under the Baidu bully novice ah! My station is beautiful but pictures are standing after I carefully selected not a pornographic picture ah why Baidu not included ah Baidu is not love picture station ah Or pictures can not be included in the Baidu, I hope the experience under the guidance of ah, thank you! read more

How to improve the originality of the website

                the importance of the originality of the website; I believe that I do not say, we also have experience. The originality of a website is directly related to the search engine’s evaluation of your website, and also related to the size of the site’s revenue. So, how do you improve the originality of your website? This is every webmaster are more concerned about the problem, but also a headache. About improving the originality of the website, I am here to talk about my practice, I hope to give you some reference, of course, I hope you give me some webmaster opinion, and jointly improve. read more

How to become an efficient webmaster

as a webmaster, do you have this experience: just to find the information on the Internet, but found there interesting hot news, celebrity gossip, beautiful pictures, a point of view, imperceptibly the hours went by; originally wanted to play ten minutes a game to relax, but not self-control. Time imperceptibly away; originally wanted to do something, QQ and MSN let you quiet heart to…… One day, I feel tired, but I can’t do anything. I can only push tomorrow or have to work overtime… … read more

How to open up innovative thinking

how can we open up innovative thinking? Do not need to do the same thinking, thoughtful people who are suitable for financial. Imaginative thinking ability, suitable for design. So, how can a person be able to open his mind? Please discuss with the small series.

to cheer up. I find that working in a team with no sense of security is probably the most frustrating thing, and even affects the performance of everyone in the team. Being a leader, it’s hard to avoid an occasional worry, but it’s hard to trust and communicate with you if you’re sending the most serious insecurity to your team. And the spirit of innovation will be frozen. So, what can you do? Training your leadership is a good choice. Think more often; ask your friends what you should do better; allow yourself to take some form of rational release of pressure. You know, being honest with yourself will benefit you a lot. read more

Cao Cao four ways to find original articles in your personal collection

many personal AdSense for the original article, because the web site if there is no original, will not be search engine favor. If I don’t have the ability to write it out, I’ve collected several ways to find original articles for you.

, a search to the "original" words like pig Witkey sites, many webmaster also because there is no place for the original article, to send someone to write the name of Witkey task, here we can "have been accounted for.". The task of the Witkey are generally packaged in the file, so the search engine is not search, we go to download the encrypted articles, for me. read more

Grassroots Flurry no flow, you dare streaking it

Hello, I’m a grass root brother. Here we meet again. Here, don’t want to talk to you and the grassroots brother what product concept, break line looks very professional topic, tired! Today we divergent thinking, bold YY, the amount of traffic should be the object we often YY flow, like beauty, the more plump. Well, maybe we are in the process of doing the station, traffic is the most troublesome topic. Below, grassroots brother and everyone together into a flurry of time, to discuss ways of promoting non mainstream. read more

Advance in the fog Q & A websites can you make a profit

, author: first author Wu Wei, senior product manager, worked for Sina, now works for Joseph networks, whose corporate quiz is a face to face quiz product ( Second author Bei Mei, senior product manager, currently works for Joseph networks.

I’m currently working on a question and answer website, where the main target audience is the startup group, so I start exploring the profitability of the quiz websites. The following is some of my thinking, it is to throw a brick to attract jade, hoping to communicate with colleagues. read more

How to improve the consultation quality of hospital website customer service

now, every industry has touched each other. I don’t know much about other places. But as far as Shanxi and Taiyuan are concerned, the most touching net is probably the medical profession. The competition in Taiyuan medical industry is becoming more and more intense. Almost all hospitals have targeted online marketing websites. Some hospitals operate independently, and each department has its own independent website. Why is everyone OCS enthusiasm so high? The first is because of the traditional media (such as newspapers, television, leaflets etc.) restricted more and more factors, competition is more and more big, the investment may not be able to get high returns, as well as effect etc.. In contrast, today’s Internet industry, is the rapid development of the stage, the network with its convenient, fast, real-time updates, low cost and other characteristics, attracted people’s infinite attention and touted. read more

How does the general website do the survival factor work of the website well

In the face of the

search engine on the web the more and more high quality requirements, a part of the normal site has been K or K is already in the edge, and in which there is a part of the webmaster especially unwilling, many of which are ordinary website owners, they are on the site dedicated, but the site is not to be recognized by users and search accept the engine.

in the face of this situation common website appears, the author is from a what all don’t understand the webmaster to now have a small team of 5 people, can be said to have a lot of survival experience of the website, a website to get search engine user recognition and acceptance, this is not a simple 1+1=2. But, to try to get 1+1=3, so that our website only possible to survive, it is impossible to follow the prescribed order search engine and users of dual recognition. read more

Five big players to compete in the mobile information market, micro-blog how to become alternative

Abstract: the essence of mobile Internet is attention economy. Whoever has the most users’ attention will have more chance of deformation.

A report recently

mobile data firm Trustdata released by China Mobile information market is the scale of growth, information applications daily coverage has increased from 53% at the beginning of this year to 60%, that is to say, more and more users start using mobile information application. Here, mobile information refers to the information which those users obtain through mobile App, and corresponding tools, applications, life service applications, financial applications, game applications, and so on. read more

Do not enter minefield eight webmaster website construction should avoid the minefield

construction site in the process there are always some minefields we must avoid, and these minefields are powerful, if accidentally strayed into these stationmaster minefield, are unfavorable to the website construction, promotion and operation, the construction site in the process, which must avoid the minefield of


simple classification, at least the following ten major minefields must be avoided and far away, or you will be the site of the ray of focus outside the tender.

minefield, don’t fill your pages with pictures, Java programs, Flash, music, etc. read more

Data analysis is very important to make bigger and stronger medical station

2013, the Internet on the medical station crackdown continues to strengthen, so far, medical treatment to survive is not easy. Whether it’s competition in the healthcare industry or the small station’s efforts to adjust to the internet. We can clearly find that the survival of the internet medical station is becoming more and more difficult, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Moreover, this competition is no longer confined to the industry, the confrontation between the webmaster and the Internet itself has become increasingly prominent…… read more

Do 16 rules for a high quality website

affects the website in the search engine the performance many factors, as a stationmaster, or hoped that the website achieves a high quality stationmaster, should pay attention to these following factors. Good quality of the site itself, to avoid the existence of hidden sites is the basic site based search engine.

1. site links, a large part of the link is mutually beneficial. The value of reciprocal links in Google is getting smaller and smaller,

and if there are too many reciprocal links on the site, the search engine, Google, will definitely have a bad impression. read more

A grassroots webmaster site must consider the problem

a grassroots webmaster site, the need to think about the problem

first: make sure the website type, and think of the layout of the website. I don’t say much about it.

second: domain name and space selection, this is very important. In the selected domain should be considered when the domain name memory and the degree of difficulty of spelling, for the best to find some IDC certified businesses, at the same time to query the domain name before have no bad record, if you apply for the domain name has been Baidu or GGk that have been recorded, or as early as possible also to other. Secondly, the stability of space and the collection also have a direct relationship. It is learnt that unstable space is likely to cause the domain name to be dropped or directly affected by the possibility of K. read more