Answering questions re discussion of fresh electricity supplier is not a pseudo proposition

never dreams, or dreams are interesting; one must learn to be sober: either sober or sober. – Nietzsche

last time selling fish paste received a praise, and on the fresh electricity supplier is not a pseudo proposition, this post has won a tucao. Wake up in the morning, view the various gods Tucao and messages, can not help but still melancholy, and a cup of coffee, can only sigh, rare friends, regardless of praise or Tucao, can understand a few.

people can not just listen to their own advantage, or praise voice, so easy to lose yourself. A post on a lot of people do make some of my most grateful for is overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, many by the tiger sniffing know fresh friends, share some experiences and difficulties with each other. The reason why want to send fresh electricity supplier is not a false proposition "this post is to tell you, especially want to engage in this industry IT entrepreneurs, the problems and risks, before you are not sure that he is not Chen Jingrun, please don’t touch this proposition. Sincerely and Shen Zhi, think twice. read more

Do Adult Supplies website wise remark of an experienced person

adult website should be one of the most active and active e-commerce websites in china. In the early 1999 China emerging hot Internet business website, Adult supplies has become Chinese few profitable website, Chinese currently active sites up to thousands of web pages, page about 10000000. I am running such a website will soon be 10th anniversary, in this line as a "veteran" level, and now talk about my understanding of this industry and its lessons learned.

1, a lot of people are biased toward adult goods websites. Looking for other stations to link up and even buy their advertising positions seems to insult the station owners. Some webmaster to see is Adult Supplies website, think of pornography, think of illegal websites, most of them will be shunned, as a webmaster, we feel very helpless! In fact, such a regular website, have their own business license, a record number, is entirely legitimate network station. The country has never regarded such sites as illegal websites, or even equated them with pornography. However, there are websites that sell drugs, especially prescription drugs and sex drugs, and suggest that they do not cooperate well. Such websites do have illegal information. read more

A new trend in the development of navigation stations

by my friend’s recommendation, I have been using more recently. At first, it feels like to see Baidu navigation page, clean it, or is the classification and content more, ha ha, but carefully for several times, but found that this is a hidden but beautiful spot, the navigation station shall not much and have their own characteristics. This new station, perhaps represents the navigation station in the future, practical and interactive development direction.

specifically two points: read more

Do not stand learning from Xi Li Ge

China has a large population, but the Internet information resources per capita are very low. According to the statistical results of authoritative data shows, at present every million people have 11 sites, with the number of sites per million Internet users is only 72, Chinese also need to vigorously promote the development of Internet based resources, improve China’s per capita level of information resources and national information capability.

these macro data information seems to indicate the development of this industry space, there are many room for imagination, but also attract more enthusiastic people in the Internet business into which. Back in 2009, there were too many big events on the internet". Check and stop…… This series of policy initiatives has made it harder for individual Internet practitioners to survive. This is a setback, and at the same time, it is an opportunity to make people happy and sad. What is the future direction of the development? What’s more, it is to make our Internet environment more standard and clean. read more

A deceitful way of telling a cheater

today, a man tapped me through the QQ on the store.

503974514, 09:40:49

Is the

boss there,


Victor [Kun] 09:41:31


503974514, 09:43:10

good boss,

,, ADTAG=388.31.1. Can you show me this one? Is it available,


I just opened the link, ready to enter the QQ number, I found the contents of the wrong, and then look at the web site will understand.

, take note of this web site: is an obvious phishing site. If you don’t look carefully, you may be cheated. read more

Method for effectively exploiting the value of website inquiry tools

personal webmaster once the name and age of rash and too much in haste has left us slowly away, some early into venture capital some electricity providers have made some company executives, the rest of the webmaster what are you doing? A new generation of stationmaster is slowly surfaced, meet new challenges.

once, these domestic webmaster sector representatives, and how many people will remember and frequented



is also the Internet on behalf of sina Tencent NetEase Taobao, are in constant change why most webmaster points are still "laurels" read more

Blog how to do web site outside the chain

station imperceptibly on the line for two months, my station is located station to provide professional input method input method at the time of the website also makes me very headache, check a lot of information, read many articles, SEO came into my life, to make friends that do site is easy, easy on-line, rare is the optimization of the search engine, the station on the line after the really understand the importance and difficulty of optimization.

Chinese Web site to do optimization, mostly for Baidu, Baidu brings traffic is also the most, Google and Sogou, YAHOO and other search engines IP obviously no Baidu more. Straight from the Baidu changed the search engine algorithm, Baidu is also a letter to the webmaster, especially to explain some of the suggestions for Baidu optimization webmaster, changing the algorithm after Baidu will in a week included the new sites, will be included on your site has a good ranking in two weeks, after entering the new period of observation, will pay attention to the website only after recording a page, the other is not included, has been about to wait for half a month, half a month after your site is not illegal, no violation of Baidu optimization rules will give you put out, slowly will be large included in your website pages, from the first day of the line on the website you have to do a set of optimization scheme, focusing on the. read more

Clever use of popular keywords to increase traffic

these days, they are very concerned about the recent hot news. There has been a lot of hot news lately. Like what "energy-saving", "ocean girl". "70 yards" and other hot things, very attractive people’s eyes.

and I in my station, these events, in his view, write some of the contents, and with the relevant pictures, for example, I was at 9:30 yesterday evening presented a "shocking: energy-saving of the customers", and then I look at about 10:40, when statistics suddenly, a sudden rise of more than 20 IP, I immediately saw a down the road, turned out to be GOOGLE’s blog search can search to my article. So, I quickly went to the Baidu encyclopedia to find a "marine female" key entry, it is a pity that the entries have been published by others, so I try to modify, plus my link, but waited 20 minutes, did not pass the examination, because there is a suspicion of advertising. No way, I only think of another way out, so to find a "energy-saving" entry, others were released, but the content is not much, so I from the other website to find more details, after a small change, first published on their website, and then go back to the encyclopedia. Added to the original words, in the extended add a website news connection. After finishing this, I went to bed because it was more than 12. read more

nquisitive why not included in the page

website page is not included has been a problem for the owners, the general collection rate of more than 70% is the high quality of the site, most sites included rate remained at around 50%, how to improve the inside pages included rate has become a key problem. Several reasons of Maoming SEO in this with you inquiry page is not included and solutions, inadequacies also hope expert.

one, the inside page weight is low,

web pages within the weight of the search engine does not reach the index standard, will naturally be determined as meaningless pages, and abandon the index. Usually four layers of structure for the upper limit, the level is too deep, easily lead to inadequate allocation of weight and difficult to include. By increasing the inside of the page and the chain of home front straight chain, can effectively improve the weight of the page, and then lead to the deep page included. read more

How does the business model of beauty become the largest female community in China

says it is a Taobao web site and is one of the top female fashion media communities in china. Founded in 2009 November, founded by Xu Yirong, the main profit model is supported by Taobao. The main plates of beauty include: shopping, shopping, sharing new trends and matching experiences. The operating model is quite similar to

beautiful said, in the wireless terminal products, initially walked through some detours, such as HTML5 immature, such as calling the camera, reading files, hand gesture recognition and other technologies do not support. Later, beauty said that HTML5 and local code were combined, and the operational content was done with HTML5. If it was non operating, it would be done with local code. This has also become the development strategy of many mobile users. read more

Father of QQ, Ma Huateng tells himself entrepreneurship is on your own

is the reform and opening up 30th anniversary last year, this year is the 60th anniversary since the founding of new Chinese, Tencent will usher in their first ten years, China from country to country, the Internet vigorous growth, the development of Tencent cannot do without this background.

is on the second day of 1984, I came to Shenzhen, then Shenzhen has just opened, so many years in Shenzhen, I feel that Shenzhen is really a hot spot for entrepreneurs and the window, the Tencent absorbed abundant nutrition in this land. read more

From ten reading, the public received 3 million investment triggered thinking

last night at 1 in the morning, I didn’t fall asleep, and then picked up the cell phone, brush the circle of friends. This time I saw an article, the content is about ten reading, this from the media, the use of WeChat public platform, and then received 3 million of the investment, the valuation is 30 million.

When I saw this, I couldn’t calm my heart for a long time,

. The last is that the number of public catering boss reference won 20 million of the investment, the valuation of 1 hundred million. Is it a mainstream trend to use the WeChat public number as a media? read more

Explore the path of cooperation between Taobao store and vertical website in no Baidu era

recently, Taobao web site shielding Baidu search crawlers, prohibit Baidu search engines crawl Taobao site. This will undoubtedly affect the flow of the vast number of Taobao stores. Traffic is the Taobao store to increase sales threshold, no traffic, no one like to visit your shop, and how to make money? Therefore, "Baidu era" of the Taobao store, shop a pressing matter of the moment is to improve the flow. Cooperation with Ali mother is an aspect of the initiative with the majority of small and medium-sized sites, especially vertical sites cooperation, but also pragmatic. read more

Baidu 6.28 hurt everyone, but patronize me

site has just done, not long, although it is an old domain name, but this has been directly replaced by the previous site program. So when you do, there is prepared in mind, must be on-line for one or two months, Baidu will be included. But I did not expect, only half a month or so included, although included is not very ideal, but it has been beyond my expectation.

on-line, and there is no time to do a good job of optimization, at any time is to send one or two articles every day, sometimes two or three days hair. A total of forty or fifty goods, but the goods are just a few days after the entry, the entry is not in the entry before the tube is to advance on the line, so that a sudden entry end, thinking of this entry is certainly unreasonable. The Baidu really did not patronize me, and until now, a commodity page has not been released to me, I know that included the home page snapshot, the next day on the update, but that is, the goods page is not released. read more

Before you start your website, consider the content, source, and feasibility

With the popularity of the Internet and the

website construction site has difficulty falling, not a difficult thing, but it also caused some problems when the new station in the construction site is easy to produce a hot head, said that the wind is the rain, said to do, to do it at once, often after website source put on to think of it, I’m content where feasible,


now Baidu and Google website content with the original value is very high, so we will inevitably pursue some original and pseudo original, in addition to the customer experience, we must enrich the content of the website, can enter a website, see, only a few content, even if the original. Your people will not come second times, and the original and pseudo original content sources, you must do before careful consideration, you one day out of this article several, and you can produce much like this, a considerable number of? And you currently used to collect the original or false original the feasibility of high read more

A few days to choose a virtual host experience

host space soon to expire, although the speed and the stability is good, but the price is a little expensive, a year to the income of the site has not reached the virtual hosting costs, plus recently to two railway station, decided to change to a directory can bind the host, this web site is put in a few a space, thereby reducing the cost.

found a lot of host on the Internet to see which say they are how well, what double line ah, what to what, what time are not selected, into a virtual host evaluation network and there is Internet users for each host service provider evaluation, although a look I know there are a lot of child care, but by more than to see a number of user comments or some help, such as a few years ago I started a space, used very cheap, but extremely slow, I found on the site evaluation of its users are very poor. After reading this, I think the website still has certain reference value. According to the comments of friends and their various host price calculation, select the two ready to try, remember, host selection can try to choose the best, try not to rush to pay, and then decide whether to buy. If the space is large enough, some companies can pay monthly, monthly pay in recent years although a little expensive, but it is recommended to select a month, with at least a month later to pay. I began to select a flat-share, 88 yuan a month, the use is quite satisfactory, a month later opened on the website and found a host of space and database and I bought the same, but also a sub directory bound, the price is 68 yuan / month, immediately register a user opened a trial, suddenly found the space with the server and bandwidth and I bought one, with a room, or even two are very close to the IP address of the server, than do not know the same space, but the price difference. One month expired, I immediately changed the current space, the overall feeling, speed, and other aspects of good, and my site I only assigned 50% of the CPU, we feel how fast. read more

Electricity supplier operators must pay attention to the index shopping cart abandon rate

shopping cart abandonment rate refers to the ratio of customers who abandon the goods to the shopping cart, but eventually give up for various reasons. For the electricity supplier, there is nothing more frustrating than the high rate of shopping cart abandonment. According to Monetate’s report, 8.01% of the visitors put the product into the shopping cart, but only 1.42% of the visitors eventually purchased the goods, and the overall shopping cart gave up 82%. There are five ways to reduce the abandonment rate of shopping cart and improve the conversion rate. read more

How to get the link benign + cheat

benign method:

one, popular keywords ranking better reverse links.

in general, super popular keywords ranking better site, in addition to familiar doors, outdoor have specialized SEO link construction, through looking for their reverse link will have good harvest. Of course, the reverse link of competitors is more worthy of attention.

example: "wow gold" in the top three Google site, to Yahoo to observe the reverse link. In addition to its own station group links, a large part can still be shared. Of course, there are quite a lot of junk links in it, too. read more

nternet giants change the domain name caused by the association of domain name and SEO

read: it is reported that, officially held by millet company on April 21st, for the purchase of this domain name, millet spent a lot of money. Lei Jun also expresses, new domain name thief is expensive, estimate to be the most expensive domain name on Chinese Internet history,


domain name is one of the most important intangible assets of Internet Co and individual owners, all the content of the website and traffic are associated with a particular domain name, the Internet giants have so far observed, in the company’s development to a certain stage, will change more in line with the user experience good domain name. read more