Empirical predictive models of daily relativistic electron flux at geostationary orbit: Multiple regression analysis

first_imgThe daily maximum relativistic electron flux at geostationary orbit can be predicted well with a set of daily averaged predictor variables including previous day’s flux, seed electron flux, solar wind velocity and number density, AE index, IMF Bz, Dst, and ULF and VLF wave power. As predictor variables are intercorrelated, we used multiple regression analyses to determine which are the most predictive of flux when other variables are controlled. Empirical models produced from regressions of flux on measured predictors from 1 day previous were reasonably effective at predicting novel observations. Adding previous flux to the parameter set improves the prediction of the peak of the increases but delays its anticipation of an event. Previous day’s solar wind number density and velocity, AE index, and ULF wave activity are the most significant explanatory variables; however, the AE index, measuring substorm processes, shows a negative correlation with flux when other parameters are controlled. This may be due to the triggering of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves by substorms that cause electron precipitation. VLF waves show lower, but significant, influence. The combined effect of ULF and VLF waves shows a synergistic interaction, where each increases the influence of the other on flux enhancement. Correlations between observations and predictions for this 1 day lag model ranged from 0.71 to 0.89 (average: 0.78). A path analysis of correlations between predictors suggests that solar wind and IMF parameters affect flux through intermediate processes such as ring current (Dst), AE, and wave activity.last_img read more

Living Together

first_imgBy Elena LynchLiving Together is the story of what happens in the course of one weekend in the living room of the family home of the siblings Reg, Ruth and Annie. Living Together is the second in Ayckbourn’s Norman Conquests trilogy, though in fact all three plays happen concurrently. Each play exposes the emotional tensions and old grievances which are aired in just one room of the siblings’ house, over the same weekend. Through all three plays Ayckbourn builds up a sophisticated comedy of manners and a compelling picture of the family and their myriad partners. However, each play is also intended to stand alone and the result is an occasionally confusing but sharply focused comedy of confusion and manners.To give Annie some rest from looking after their ill mother, Reg and his wife Sarah have come down for a weekend, disrupting the romantic plans made by Annie with her sister Ruth’s husband, Norman. It gets even more complicated. After an obscene phone call the very convincingly drunk Norman (Joe O’Connor) makes to Ruth (Emily Bazalgette), she turns up too, and combined with the presence of Annie’s other love interest, their slow-witted neighbour Tom, the scene is set for Norman to charm his way into his ‘conquests’.Ayckbourn’s writing is at his acid best, and the cast and director realise the scenario well with fine comic timing. The action flowed well thanks to a strong cast; a shrieking cat-fight between Annie (Helen Fisher) and Sarah (Thea Warren) was a highlight. The interaction between Reg (Tom Richards) and Tom (Chris Carter) also stood out; both had good stage presence and weren’t afraid to stay static and play off the sheer awkwardness of their relationship. This is pre- The Office stuff but is not without its cringes: Carter especially delivers with a gormless charm, though the play shows its age in Tom’s hapless but vaguely sinister attempts to physically threaten Annie, which certainly wouldn’t make it into a modern comedy.last_img read more

OED celebrates 80th birthday

first_imgThe Oxford English Dictionary, labelled as “the greatest humanistic project in the world,” has celebrated its 80th birthday.At a meeting to mark the anniversary, participants praised the book, which currently lists 415,000 English words.The first OED is credited to Dr Samuel Johnson who compiled it during the 18th century, but panelists argued that his work was actually quite sloppy by today’s standards. According to Simon Winchester, “Johnson seems to get ‘sex’ into as many definitions as possible….”last_img read more

Tim O’Brien Announces Candidacy For Evansville City Council

first_imgTwitterFacebook CommentsFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Tim O’Brien Announces Candidacy For Evansville City CouncilDECEMBER 11TH, 2018 MITCH ANGLE EVANSVILLE, INDIANA.Tim O’ Brien has announced his candidacy for the position on December 11th, representing Ward 1.O’Brien has been heavily involved in the Evansville community since graduating from the University of Southern Indiana in 2015 and says he desires to spend his life in the city.He is no stranger to holding respected positions, having served as the 2018 Chairman of SIAR’s Young Professional Network. He is currently serving as the Southwest Indiana Association of Realtors President-Elect and will serve as the 2019 President.O’Brien says his priorities will be focused on attracting and retaining businesses, talent, public safety, and improving our infrastructure. He says these goals will help Evansville continue moving forward and make for a desirable place for all current and prospective residents.O’Brien says if elected, keep the city moving in the right direction while serving in the best interests of the citizens of Evansville.last_img read more

Fabulous Baker Brother unveils culinary plans

first_imgBaker Tom Herbert – one half of the television duo The Fabulous Baker Brothers – has unveiled plans to open a restaurant and cookery school at the flagship family bakery in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire.He hopes to transform the first floor of Hobbs House Bakery in the high street, which is where he and his brother Tom, a butcher and award-winning chef, grew up.If everything goes to plan, the Chipping Sodbury shop will emulate its sister shop in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, where there is a bakery, cookery school and bistro. He hopes to open the cookery school early next year and the restaurant soon after.Describing the project as “massive”, 34-year-old Tom explained: “We are the beginning of a very long journey, but we are very excited. The details haven’t yet been figured out, but we want to open as soon as possible – early next year, if we can.“It will be kept like a house, with the kitchen where it was. It was our house and we want it to feel like a home.”The brothers are now working with architects to see how they can change the first-floor space at the listed Georgian building, before seeking the necessary building and planning consents.He said the plans to open the school and restaurant had been accelerated because of the number of people who visit the bakery, founded by their grandfather in 1920, following the success of their first television series, The Fabulous Baker Brothers.“People come to the bakery from all over the country after they have seen it on the TV, but we don’t have anywhere for them to sit and enjoy themselves,” said the former Young Baker of the Year.The family has four bakeries in Chipping Sodbury, Cirencester, Nailsworth and Tetbury.last_img read more

Report: Scottish Bakers Conference 2015

first_img“It’s time to invest in products, people and business,” said John Gall, president of the Scottish bakers. These three things seemed to remain the theme of the Scottish Bakers Conference for 2015.  The bakers, their products and their businesses took centre stage at the two-day event, along with a clutch of presentations by figures such as host Mich Turner, TV chef and baker Peter Sidwell, Martin Lightbody of Lightbody Ventures and Lord Digby Jones, ex-Director General of the CBI and a former Minister of State for Trade and Investment.The event was a celebration of business, but also a celebration of the Scottish Bakers as an organisation, as Alan Clarke revealed it had made over £1.6m in turnover, with most of the money coming from training apprentices in Scotland and England. Clarke also said that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon had agreed to speak at the conference next year as it celebrated the 125th anniversary.Mich TurnerWith her talk titled- confessions of a cake lady, Mich Turner MBE and owner of the Little Venice Cake Company beguiled the audience with the sort of stories Heat magazine would go wild for. Full of anecdotes and tales about her life baking cakes to the stars, Turner explained her ordeals of trying to ensure wedding cakes didn’t fall onto sprung dance floors, and the trials and tribulations of getting a cake on a plane.Peter SidwellSidwell, who is currently working with the NHS to develop healthy options for its Aroma café, based his talk around products for healthy living. Referring to the health trend, he said: “You can either treat it as a threat or you can treat it as an opportunity.”He suggested that bakers base their healthy options around new products, and did not place ‘healthier’ alternatives, like a low-fat brownie, next to the real deal.Martin LightbodyLightbody Ventures makes licenced celebration cakes for supermarkets, as well as branded cakes for names like Thorntons. Like any good business, there will have been complications along the way, so Lightbody shared the mistakes he has made through the years- one of them being pop band cakes. He used the more recent example of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction (1D), and proceeded to throw some left over 1D stock at the audience in a crazed and hilarious rage.He also explained how he invested in a line to create 2000 millionaire shortbread squares a minute, and spent weeks working out why it wouldn’t work, before fixing it with a plastic box and a hairbrush.Lord Digby JonesJones’ talk was met a standing ovation from the Scottish Baker crowd, after he talked about how important businesses were to the economy. A party-neutral man from Birmingham, he prides himself on being employed to the role of Minister of Trade and Investment because he is ‘different’. In an fascinating and insightful talk, Jones opened his speech with the line: “You people are the most important people in the country”, explaining that without businesses, taxes would not be paid, thus neither would the wages of the  public sector.last_img read more

Music and Politics: How Songs Motivate The Political Climate

first_imgAs the oldest member of the Live for Live Music family, I’ve lived through my share of political turmoil. I dearly hold onto the progressive ideals that shaped our country: equality, brotherhood and a mutual respect for all citizens. The election of Donald Trump as President has propelled me back to the 1960s where I lived through the anti-war and anti-Nixon marches. I recall participating in the Vietnam anti-war Moratorium in October 1969 and campaigning in 1972 for the beloved Democratic anti-war candidate George McGovern (the Bernie Sanders of the 60s and 70s). McGovern may have lost the election to Richard Nixon, but like Bernie Sanders his powerful message carried us through. The goal then as it is now is to make the world a better place. Free from hate and fear. The anti-war movement did make a change and expedited the end of the Vietnam war; the media was also responsible in bringing down Richard Nixon.The initial reaction I felt after Trump was elected was to either move to Canada or stick my head in the sand. But seeing young people protest in many US cities after the election made me realize we are reliving the 1960’s and rather than running away, I know we all need to participate. Young people today are exercising their Constitutional right to assemble and protest. This is a very good thing, and makes this old-timer see that there is a silver lining. Songs are just waiting to be written that speak to the outrage and fear a lot of people are feeling. If you feel strongly that this country is going down the wrong path, then exercise your rights as a citizen to peacefully express your views. It’s an exhilarating feeling to participate in something bigger than your own small circle.We understand that music can empower political change; music can heal and can unite a disenfranchised youth. Songs that carried a potent political statement back then can motivate this generation as it did during the Viet Nam War era. We’ve been down this road before and history is filled with great protest songs that speak to our troubled past. There were many great protest songs of my generation: The Beatles‘ “Revolution”, Crosby Stills Nash & Young‘s “Ohio”, Barry McGuire‘s “Eve of Destruction”, Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s “Fortunate Son,” and John Lennon‘s “Give Peace a Chance”,  just to name a few.One of the best was Buffalo Springfield’s hit, “For What It’s Worth”. It was the anthem back then and the words still resonate deeply today. From the opening notes, the powerful message carries a timeless theme.Sometimes there is a very thin line that separate art from politics. Our mission was never to be political, but circumstances sometimes change the narrative. Another great protest song is by Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. The 2nd verse referring to writers and critics is especially apropos to us and seems quite relevant today.As in the 1960’s, the unifying component was music. The less troubling days of the Obama administration will soon be history. In the months to come, musicians today will undoubtedly come forth with songs that will carry strong political messages. We will foster and bring forth those songs on this website. If artists need a platform, we will be there in support and ensure that you are heard.This is our America too and we should all strive to make a difference. We will write and we will participate. We will work hard to make this a better world for you by making sure voices are heard. No less than our first amendment rights of freedom of speech are at stake. We have a greater purpose now and will not shrink from that responsibility.last_img read more

The Revivalists Grace The Ellen DeGeneres Show With Powerful Performance [Watch]

first_imgThe Revivalists have been selling out shows for a while now, bringing their NOLA rock and soul vibes from coast to coast. Their success keeps growing exponentially with their tireless efforts, recently reaching #1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative charts for their hit single “Wish I Knew You.” The sextet features David Shaw (vocals), Zack Feinberg (guitar), Ed Williams (pedal steel guitar), Rob Ingraham (saxophone), George Gekas (bass), Andrew Campanelli (drums), and Michael Girardot (keys/trumpet); and together, true to their name, they are The Revivalists.Today, the band reaches a new peak in their mountains with their performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. With New Orleans as her hometown, and having recently been awarded the presidential medal of freedom for her courage, bravery and activism, it’s no wonder the talkshow host chose the Crescent City soul-sensations to perform on her show.Sporting his “I Stand With Standing Rock” shirt, watch David Shaw and The Revivalists perform “Wish  I Knew You” today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:last_img read more

John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring Announce Free Capitol Theatre Webcast Tonight

first_imgOn Wednesday, living guitar legends John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring launched their eagerly anticipated “A Meeting of the Spirits” tour, beginning in Buffalo and continuing through Albany and Manhattan the next two nights. Tonight, the tour will continue with a stop at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, and if you can’t make it out to the show, the folks at Relix are bringing the show to your couch so you don’t miss out: The Relix Channel has announced that they will webcast tonight’s John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring: A Meeting of the Spirits show at The Cap free of charge through their YouTube channel.The tour features both guitarists’ individual bands, as well as a heavy helping of exploratory, collaborative improvisation. Herring’s portion of the shows feature his new band, The Invisible Whip. The tour marks Herring’s return to solo performing, as the WSP guitarist hasn’t released a solo album since 2012.EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Herring Talks New Band, This Year’s Losses, And The Unknown Future Of PanicThe tour will see McLaughlin digging into his work with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, playing some of the music that means the most to him. “The music of Mahavishnu is part of my personal and musical history, and as such it is inseparable from me,” McLaughlin reflects. “To return to these pieces with the experience I’ve had for the past 45 years, since the majority of those pieces were played all those years ago, is very exciting.”John McLaughlin Announces New Live Album “John’s influence on me is far-reaching. When first hearing him, I was struck by the raw emotion and technical prowess he has,” said Herring in a statement when the tour was announced. “If you listen to John long enough, the layers of all the things that make him unique will reveal themselves…Inner Mounting Flame changed my life and the way I heard music. By the time I heard it in 1980, John had long since moved on and recreated himself, as he has done many times throughout his career. It is an honor and a privilege to do this tour with John and the 4th Dimension.”You can see a full list of upcoming tour dates below. For more information, head to John or Jimmy‘s website.***Tune in here to catch John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring: A Meeting Of The Spirits live at The Capitol Theatre tonight starting at 8:00pm ET via The Relix Channel on YouTube***John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring “Meeting Of The Spirits” Upcoming Tour Dates:11/4/17 Port Chester, NY, Capitol Theatre11/5/17 Cranston, RI, Park Theatre/Rhode Island Center for the Performing Arts11/8/17 Boston, MA, The Wilbur Theatre11/9/17 Philadelphia, PA, Keswick Theatre11/10/17 Newark, NJ, Prudential Hall,New Jersey Performance Art Centre11/11/17 Washington DC, Lincoln Theatre11/12/17 Durham, NC, Duke Performances at DPAC11/15/17 Ann Arbor, MI11/17/17 Chicago, IL, Vic Theatre11/19/17 Indianapolis, IN, Clowes Memorial-Hall-Butler University11/21/17 Nashville, TN, Schermerhorn Symphony Center-Laura Turner Concert Hall11/22/17 Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Symphony Hall11/24/17 Jacksonville, FL, Florida Theatre11/25/17 Clearwater, FL, Ruth Eckerd Hall11/27/17 New Orleans, LA, The Joy Theater11/30/17 Austin, TX, Paramount Theatre12/5/17 Seattle, WA, Moore Theatre12/6/17 Portland, OR, Revolution Hall12/8/17 San Francisco, CA, The Warfield12/9/17 Los Angeles, CA, Royce Hall-UCLAlast_img read more

Students, faculty voice concerns over ‘China Policy’ at open forum

first_imgAnnmarie Soller | The Observer University Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves speaks at an open forum on worker participation during which members of the Notre Dame community debated the pros and cons of a pilot program for Chinese factories.University Executive Vice-President John Affleck-Graves said the recent work within the Worker Participation Committee studied the impact, or lack thereof, of “the University’s recommendation in the late ’90s not to have products manufactured with the Notre Dame logo in any country that didn’t give full freedom of association.”The forum centered around the idea of worker participation, which Mike Low, director of licensing and Worker Participation Committee member, defined as “a set of systems where workers can actively engage with management in terms of their benefits, their working hours, and have a place to file a grievance and know that there will be worker committees to … ensure their grievances are met.”Kevin Christiano, associate professor of sociology, said he was unsure of the feasibility of ensuring a lasting freedom of association in the factories that produce licensed Notre Dame goods.“China is the cheap manufacturing capital of the world,” Christiano said. “… If we go to China — if we do establish an operation with China — is there really a chance that we would ever leave China if conditions [within the factories] would deviate from our standards?” Christiano later questioned how the committee would determine or measure success in its goal of ensuring workers’ rights to freely associate.The basic level of success, Affleck-Graves said, “is that we as a University community can feel confident that wherever Notre Dame apparel or goods are manufactured, … we have a sound process to assist all of those factories.”Even still, “We are more ambitious than that,” Affleck-Graves said.“We can encourage lots of institutions both academic and non-academic to join us and make [the worker participation assessment plan] something that is a tool that everyone can use,” he said.Kevin Barry, director of the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, said many other factors that needed to be assessed within these factories in accordance with Notre Dame’s licensing code of conduct, not just the freedom of association.“We are going to enforce every other part of the licensing code of conduct with these factories, so no children [workers] under 14, no prison labor, environmental practices,” he said. “All those things are going to be enforced, and [worker participation] is the only part that there is going to be any wavering on? That is the plan?”Affleck-Graves and Lowe said eventually those factors will receive consideration, but for now, the assessments only focus on freedom of association, per the recommendation from the 1990s.Three students spoke at the forum and expressed their concerns about student involvement.“If the committee does create the pilot program, how will you involve the students during the duration of the program?” junior Madeline Inglis asked.Affleck-Graves said he has plans for greater student participation in the program, and “maybe form a student advisory group” that would elect representatives to serve on the committee.Although the Chinese government does not guarantee the freedom of association, Affleck-Graves said he has faith in China’s ability to change.“I believe a lot in the human spirit,” he said. “… I believe some day China will change. … I would love people to look back and say that Notre Dame was part of their change.”Tags: China, China policy, John Affleck-Graves, Mike Lowe, Notre Dame, Worker Participation Notre Dame’s Worker Participation Committee held an open forum Monday in McKenna Hall to allow students and faculty to pose questions regarding the issue of freedom of association in the Chinese factories that could produce Notre Dame apparel and goods if the committee’s proposed pilot program receives approval.last_img read more