Garbage inside the Amoy gold, soft Wen promotion to see over

many webmaster asked me, your website looks like an authentic dumpster like, why every day there are tens of thousands of individuals to cruise ah, is not on the flicker? I really know ah, one day after my classmates asked what I can tell the secret, he said: "the garbage inside the Amoy gold"! He also repeatedly scold me silly B.

is a first in the domestic N refers to the software download site, nature is more than the sky, China in the Pacific, these have a large consortium behind the support website, but how can we personal webmaster do Baidu first page is the greatest success in the industry.

to start to say, my friend said it looks like garbage station, I think it is like this, directly hung on the new cloud CMS, I just changed the template, a bad than ah, so the cause of home very silly very naive effect. More desperate, in the pursuit of high PR times, even large domestic portals are crazy to do connection, I dedicated the rubbish away silly B Road, Links no second, except my brother Baidu! Oh, do not know the reason, my brother special care I, although in the software download site to be put to the front man, but the first N refers to the effect is still good. Do not believe everyone Baidu "Jiangnan software station", to see if I am silly B site, the station is only one out of connection, to tell the truth, I do not understand.

said for a long time, did not give you talk about soft writing skills,


1. to cry, mobingshenjin.

as long as you are in twenty-first Century, estimated that no one did not know that the inside of the television advertising, the majority is making a fuss, bang the drum type. That means there’s nothing like that. You’re shouting, and that’s true. Take the website promotion, you made a garbage station, you shout out, for the environment of the earth, let us throw less rubbish. Others will say how to pull the eight pole could not beat the thing? Oh, then, in order to reduce the number of online garbage, please put the garbage into the south station software inside, ha ha! You must believe that the world boring good people very much, certainly there are a lot of people are curious about the run look, it really enough garbage, a download station made so that the webmaster is really a silly B, estimated that we would go to the trash.

2. random flicker, forced pull down the assembly line.

since the uncle of the program after the popular series of flicker, flicker which became popular on both sides of the Changjiang River times. Huyou is not equivalent to cheating, he let you be deceived willingly, of course, Huyou people, of course, must be very powerful. I don’t know if I have the strength now. Once there was a silly B made a silly B garbage station, the station name is silly B software Jiangnan station, I believe no one to see, but if I say that what the game hanging outside the program, what game vulnerabilities, what hackers can realize, that >