nternet 10 years, have ten years of rain and rain Road

has always had a desire to want to own the ten years witnessed the development of the Internet and his ten years of experience in the writing is not good, but suffer from fear of the people, so the joke, just stay in the thinking stage, has not written, occasionally prompted by a sudden impulse to write something, or " the " came out, his shy; oblivious to reading, just remember there have been so interesting, but it still belongs to the self appreciation.

Internet is nearby in the Chinese prosperity ten years ago, I was in the ten years of development, due to the self limited capacity, has been removed from the Internet arena, has been unknown to the public, I know you cannot climb the peak of the Internet, do not have the ability to obtain sufficient wealth and can achieve success and win recognition! In order to survive, have mixed it will leave the arena, the next thing, I never predict, but at the same time many Internet people to stand up, my heart is unwilling, but also feel helpless. So, often to find all kinds of excuses, excuses every time after your heart always get a satisfied and satisfied, the common excuse is nothing more than the following: 1, my age is still small, there is a long road? (the fact that this excuse now no matter when used! I am so big, many Internet users are successful, such as Ding Lei, Ma Huateng, Chen Tianqiao,… I can only be a fool again! Now I still accomplish nothing, nothing at all!); 2, my heart is too soft, I too good (this makes sense, as the saying goes, the primitive accumulation of capital are bloody! But I just didn’t have the heart! In my side, there is a friend, 2005-2006, through the virtual network, it earned about thirty million, although he was illegal, but the people took five hundred thousand, It is the last thing on it, but now he settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, and the use of money, it enjoyed tremendous business opportunities for traditional industries also greatly good conscience!!) 3, I did not encounter the horses, although I called "maxima", but "people, geography, and" on the road of entrepreneurship are indispensable! (which is actually a way of self comfort, there is a horse ah, is at best than ordinary horse fast then a little) 4, I do not have a rich or powerful father (this is born, can not be forced, as an excuse, also think over, not too deep!) 5, I was really limited. (this is tell her the truth, though a not too late, but I also spent 10 years to get out!). Excuse to find more, but their own way is more narrow, more and more uneven, more and more upset, and more and more feel the road is vast,


often have chills when meet friends asked me: "are you still doing your thing?" I don’t know the language, they have, then a neutral word "you really have the patience, can really stick!" say it, because the listener unintentionally, hear more and I also had numbness, side million worth of friends in.