How to locate your website, pay attention to the concept of control

we create the concept of source in the practice, the reason why painstakingly created so a simple concept, in order to make abstract ideas and techniques of visualization, let everyone especially the students can better understand the basic deviation; and worthy of our great excitement, through the creative concept, let us on SEO understand more on a higher level, our SEO practice become more clear.

seemingly large and complex SEO technology, here, through these concepts were combed:

through the target keyword and long tail keywords concept, let us know the purpose and direction of doing SEO: use home page to do the target keywords, with content page and column page to optimize the long tail keywords.

through anchor text, preferred domain, URL standardization, sub navigation, around the word, keyword density, search, jump out rate, let us know the main content of SEO station optimization.

we continue to practice a large number of websites, and always listen to the feedback from friends who are from the forefront of practice, and thank them for always bringing us wisdom and inspiration.

The concept of

to tell all of you today, let me excited, because it can make us thinking a big step forward, through to the question of this thinking can guide us targeted.

we found in the course of practice, the site has been collected in such a number of laws:

1, compared with other pages, the home page is most likely to be indexed;

1, compared with other pages, the home page has the largest probability;

2, home page above long-term links in the internal page or column page, was included in the probability is also very big;

3, each page is linked to the page or column of the general, was included in the rate is very large;

4, more than three have been included in the very large probability of the page on the link is often also very easy to be included.

below, for example:

1, home page because a large number of station and station connection relationship, often will be well included;

2, home page on the long-term links of some pages, links, as follows, they basically have been well included, and the weight is great;

3, each page is linked to the page or column, as follows, they have basically been well included, and the weight is great;

we put these very easy to be included, and included after the weight will be very high page (URL) called the weight page.

The significance and operation of the

weight page:


because the weight of the page above the link is often included in the proportion is very high, >