From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster

I, a girl born in an ordinary family, the conservative thoughts of my family, do not have any right to choose my own future. Once, I dreamed of studying the art and design I loved. Once there was an opportunity for me to study at the Art Institute. I was forced to give up because of the opposition of my family. Under the arrangement of my family, I walked into the University gate.

like every college student, love is not new on campus. Here, met him. A very personality, but very gentle boy. Soon, we fell in love. He is keen on doing web sites and spends most of his day in the computer; and the Internet just gives me convenient chat channels and quick ways of searching. Because of this, our topic is getting less and less, facing each other, only silence. I began to complain that he did not have time to accompany me, just do some boring things; and he also I don’t understand his work, two people quarrel more time is.

should have missed the most. But not willing to give up. My roommates say I’m stupid. A man should have his time and space. I should know more about his work and hobbies.

accidentally chatted with his friend Jay about his boyfriend. Jay is a good friend I grew up with. He listened to me and told me everything. Finally, he asked me, "did you give up the art school?" he told me. "If you ask my boyfriend to give up the website, it’s like my family gave me up to go to the art school.". Everyone has his dream, boyfriend’s ideal is website work, I should support him, rather than force him to give up. Under the guidance of Jie, I understand the boyfriend’s enthusiasm for website design. I know that what I should do is to support rather than force, and support my boyfriend to become a webmaster’s dream.


website for me is how subtle, confused, I do not know where to start with. Under Jie’s introduction, knew Jie’s good friend T, T also did the website work, Jie tells me, T can teach me the website design aspect knowledge. Under the teachings of T, I began to slowly understand the website work, and began to learn the simplest html. T borrowed a book on web design. Let me see. I was confused when I looked at it. Web design was such an abstruse subject.

and T in Jay’s help, slowly learning to read and understand the contents of the book, from the original confusion to gradually clear from the original, see the HTML code as a pile of garbage, then slowly know how to write a simple HTML code; slowly their own way, the Internet, people ask. I remember the most is the time I first made a marquee function, look at a line from the right to the left, I feel very satisfied. Finally, with the help of friends, basically made a web page came out.

in the process of learning website, with the boyfriend’s topic also more and more, in the place where I don’t understand, the boyfriend can always >