Case deep understanding of Japan’s largest recipe sharing UGC community COOKPAD

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COOKPAD is Japan’s largest recipe sharing UGC community, by capturing women’s "what to eat tonight" mentality and providing real-time, varied recipes. Most of the recipes are shared by housewives themselves. What makes this UGC community? How profitable is it? And what’s the inspiration for the domestic food community,



Who is



to let us know what it is, COOKPAD membership system, now average monthly number of active in more than 1500W, 20-40 years old women accounted for 44.6%, in other words the Japanese twenty or thirty year old women must have a COOKPAD user. They are a group of people in the city is without doubt the most purchasing power, from the flow of data, PV daily access to a peak at 16:00-17:00, another perspective, COOKPAD has a profound impact on Japanese women "do what to eat tonight". Another noteworthy data from the April 2012 traffic, 15 million 210 thousand of the UV in 1069w from PC, as well as 451w from the mobile browser. Imagine a young girl after work to the supermarket and buy the food using a mobile phone on the COOKPAD network, home to check recipes, cooking and then share on the Internet, needless to say, UGC era, such a high viscosity, high conversion rate of the business model left us much imagination, you know.


COOKPAD traffic data statistics (data from Cookpad official website)


user analysis (data source: Cookpad official website)

How does

achieve profitability

COOKPAD very clear profit model in 2009, which was founded in 1997, the young company in Japan Tokyo stock exchange GEM listed (code 2193.T, as in the growth index NEXT50 index ranked No.1), it is necessary to know when is the global stock market downturn, as with the earlier listed GREE, which in the Japanese capital sector is not a small topic.

COOKPAD August 1st closing share price of 2092 yen, the market value of 34 billion 198 million yen (about 438 million U.S. dollars)


advertising sales + Recipes publishing + membership fees + e-commerce constitute COOKPAD’s profit model.

#1 advertising sales