Buying and selling links Ten superstitions in chain Trading (1)

A5 all good friends, I am the occupation link seller, my QQ is 88124886, thank you for your continued support! A5 is a set of master and rookie in a station hall, especially there are more master of my clients, in learning and communication, I grow up. Looking back, is really unspeakable feeling.

believe you are basically in the webmaster, webmaster webmaster bitter only knew the talent. Since the occupation of stationmaster, every morning the first thing is to look at the A5, and then go to the SITE site of your own, and then go to update the site, then a packet of instant noodles to solve the physiological needs, then go to search for the profitable website. This road is full of so many uncertain factors, sometimes by Baidu bully, sometimes by GG when the toss, I can’t stand it, on the network several webmaster friends constantly encourage you, you back up, continue to adhere to. Looking at the sale of a station, selling advertising stations, selling advertising, income over 10000, and even a few server money to tighten their belts…… Head of the world, is really a world full of Men’s feelings are changeable. vientiane.

networks create unlimited possibilities. I believe this is a point that all my friends believe in. Otherwise, we can’t choose this way to go on. Maybe tomorrow you are rich, you may also eat instant noodles tomorrow. Choose what kind of life, in fact, ultimately depends on how hard you work. In particular, we should make more friends. I most love to make friends, so a lot of income in exchange. Always wanted to write it into words and share it with you. I hope you read that good cheer a look, feel bad when passing by, of course I can add a good QQ. I am also very love.

brings you today the first episode of the ten major Superstitions: the two extremes of superstition, PR,

superstition PR extreme A: non high PR Mo

some owners, in order to get good rankings, some of the so-called SEO think-tank misleading, that the chain optimization selection of a site, PR must be as high as possible, out of the PR must be greater than or equal to 567 conditions. Must know, sometimes, such a site in Baidu included, but not much. Buyers with beautiful fantasy trading for a period of time, and found that the effect can not be satisfactory, this time it is too late to regret.

of course, some buyers choose high PR, in order to obtain double ranking, that is, Baidu and GG have rankings, so choose high PR is understandable. But before screening, be sure to look at the target site’s true collection. Collection is not good, PR virtual high is useless.

and a group of buyers for PR and buy PR site, in fact, this is entered a serious misunderstanding. Now the PR evaluation is far from always the kind of light chain can solve the problem, and now GG to a station of a PR>