Has been to winter, the portal is more difficult than print media to survive

News of the massive downsizing of

‘s Web site has renewed concerns about the survival of portals. This year, following the Sina and Sohu, third portal sites have been laid off.


looking at the history of Internet technology, as in any field of history, there is no winner forever. When led by YAHOO portal in the last century at the end of 90s beginning, no one could expect that in the past twenty years, the Internet has changed people’s way of take cities and seize territory, reading and thinking mode. In a sense, YAHOO is the portal era benchmark, later Sina, Sohu, NetEase in the start-up time, only need to follow the rules established by YAHOO portal – open, free and profit, can in a short period of time to enjoy the time with revolutionary innovation brought dividends.

if we want to read the news a few years ago, will see new media, unlike now so very influential, as public opinion, media portal will exclusing. But the reality is that the portal is likely to further die than print (or transformation). In essence, the portal era is leading the traditional media reading is an important step in the transition to the new media portal, does not require any form of the original works, it is a huge collection of stations, collected from around the world, many types of news information it can, this is a "information kingdom". But when this form of innovation over the initial novelty, content on the short board will be exposed, dazzling information instead of make people think there are infinitely many choices, but developed a strong sense of monotony. Their transformation is a necessity.

now, we often say that the new media pays more attention to the precise positioning of the audience". In fact, this thing is actually the location, the traditional media has been doing, just out of the technical conditions, production costs, advertising revenue and other considerations and limitations, it can not be so positioned like new media as accurate. Publishers of the youth digest will know that college professors will not read their magazines. The publishers of southern weekend, finance and economics also understand that the users of their magazines are intellectuals.

really good traditional media will not fear the new media trend change in the beginning of this year, "one read" magazine published a paper that no longer, focus on new media to operate, now in WeChat and streaming video, already a leader. The international New York Times, Wall Street journal and so on, are the traditional media to the new media transformation of the model representative.

core resources of traditional media, it is talent, first-class editing, author team, media literacy survey report, the depth of the well, so that the traditional media in the face of new media transformation, can quickly realize the core value of new media. WeChat’s new media public number, many of the "100000+" on the article, many of which are used to create media practitioners. Moreover, many present >