Lara Park Liao Zhuoying with $6 million 200 thousand in financing, continue to be the leader of the

Abstract: in the face of the $300 billion red sea market, the camp chosen as a science and engineering background is dormant. The preparation of food, digging trenches, do work, training officers, is a pressing matter of the moment ", he believes that he will lead the soldiers to success lay high hopes for the battle in August.


‘s $300 billion worth of gay market has flooded many entrepreneurs in the past two years. The market is very big, but never a camp Lala Park founder All in, a little "over": in the past 1 years, Lara received only 2 pen financing amount is very small, a 1 million yuan, a 3 million yuan.

he dare not be presumptuous. In one year, the team grew from just 4 to 12. 4 people were on line in January 2014; last year it was 6; at the beginning of this year it grew to 12 people.

he doesn’t dare to do the market, either. Since the on-line, Lala park users are mostly natural growth. "Thousands of registrations per day, until January this year, Lara users broke 1 million. "Said the battalion.

, but for the last 1 months, the camp mentality has changed. "Is to when you are not short of money to melt, and quickly expand the team, the market hit the market. Why not go for it."

in April this year, a battalion of Jingdong raised 6 million 200 thousand yuan financing, sprint opportunity finally came.

dare not All in

La market is big, no smaller than gay.

"she doesn’t have a strong demand for guns like gay.". But the base is not small, the world’s at least 1-2 million users. Girls play, love shopping, business model is obvious. The most important thing is that nobody does it." Camp said.

even so, Ah Ying always dare not fight. "I’m afraid the company has gone bankrupt and I can’t keep it up.". Si Gu, dare not go."

over the past 1 and a half years, Lara has received only 2 financing, with small amounts. In November last year, Hongling venture 1 million angel. After 3 months, and received 3 million pre-A Xue manzi. "I haven’t experienced the process of spending money, spending more slowly, always thinking about how to save costs."."

he doesn’t dare hire people. Just on line (January 2014), 4 people, me, a iOS, a back end, an operation. In the middle of last year, it was 6 people. Earlier this year, an increase of 12 people."

he doesn’t dare to hit the market, either. Lala was launched in January 2014 and was rarely promoted. "Natural growth mainly, thousands of registered users per day, until January this year, Lara users only break 1 million."."

camp has thought, take a 200-300 yuan financing to spend two years, and then the team to maintain 4-6 people, so operating. "I didn’t feel like it," he said