How do add to the search engine

mentions how to increase the search engine to the website collection question. We may think of here for me SEO SEO optimization, or feel too profound to be understood. I use some local methods to increase the collection of websites.

one. Be diligent, and write some soft text (published in the article with your own web link) published in the power of the major web site, the better station is A5, webmaster nets, etc.. I used to have two articles published in A5 webmaster online, second days each article that is reprinted by 8-9 websites, realize the two development of the link.

two. Website update a little faster, since do stand, don’t be afraid of hard. In fact, update the website also has a little tips, I’ve done a local industry stand, do a lot of this industry: join the QQ group, and then notify you by mail group, their station can register themselves after advertising and promotional information. The result of my generosity is that someone updates the content for me. Why not?

three is to do more links. Links to a site is very important. At the beginning of the PR value is relatively low, and want to and the PR value of high station exchange is difficult, first and PR value low exchange, there is always better than No. You’ll need a bit of nerve in the future. Not afraid of your jokes, before a station and other stations to exchange links, the use of QQ in the gender are women, and speak in a woman’s tone. Left an elder brother, right one eldest brother, still afraid of can not change link?


four. Go to the big forum post replies, do some of your web site links. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge, not to say "blind", but we have to choose to do the most meaningful thing at the least time. Take the post as an example, the first you have to understand that your posts must be readable, not naked directly express your true intentions, not a general content of the post, click directly after the closed, I would rather spend some time brewing a essence, also to minimize spam. The click amount of an essence post is terrible. Anyway, either my paste becomes the essence, or I closely follow the essence of others.

through the above efforts, the passage of time, the major search engines on your site included also increased.

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