Analysis of the reasons why micro-blog is gradually buried from the angle of operation

Internet era of social networking has been greatly simplified, people don’t need to go out to do the same thing, only need to interact on social networking sites, each point of praise or comment on each other, this distance naturally be closer, of course, this also makes the emergence of a large number of social networking sites have become popular. For example, micro-blog is one of the representatives, members of the popular micro-blog is to let micro-blog into a network society darling. But today, micro-blog will gradually end up, people can not find social shadow on micro-blog, micro-blog and many inconveniences have gradually emerged, micro-blog is slowly declining, it is lost to time and their own, so in this era of change rapidly, if micro-blog not to the benign development, inevitably abandoned by the tide of the times, will be gradually to other social networking sites.

if the essential reason micro-blog failed, I think micro-blog is still a big game this circle, from sina to micro-blog, micro-blog is now a Tencent, NetEase, micro-blog and so on, a lot of big bottom portals have launched micro-blog function, and this is dizzying, how to choose has become the user’s problems, and the strategy of micro-blog, micro-blog in different have different star settled, a user may start to Starchaser, select one or more micro-blog, but micro-blog does not seem to care about friends or friends, some people in order to select one or more micro-blog, but for a long time, the novelty and fatigue will be highlighted and allows the user to feel that social networking is very tired, but will gradually give up, and operates almost micro-blog There are similarities, the degree of differentiation is nothing more than color, LOGO and settled celebrities, with this feature to attract users, its advantages are certainly not many. It can be said that micro-blog this circle of playing big, but lack of features, lack of innovation, led to the development of micro-blog is difficult to break the existing restrictions on the form.

of course, in addition to unlimited expansion of the scope, there is one point of the birth of the emerging social networking site, from the mobile terminal to the PC terminal, the birth of APP site and emerging social type countless is undoubtedly a huge blow to micro-blog, a popular blog that pops, such as the United States took the software was born, these are from a certain the degree to let the user curiosity satisfied, will allow users to discard micro-blog these new social software, and these websites or software has excellent continuity, so that users can get social and achievement on meet the long-term, strong interactivity is also better than the micro-blog website, so it has great the attack on micro-blog, and at the same time in the process of the development of the time micro-blog did not play the shock effect, so it will let micro-blog difficult to resist such shocks, gradually become Decline, so from this point of view, micro-blog’s decline is common sense.

then another point is the overall supervision of micro-blog’s poor, micro-blog has now become a regional advertising, advertising people crazy in micro-blog, and the number of fans and micro-blog also become micro-blog’s earnings, a micro-blog account > one hundred thousand fans