High school to young girls into the webmaster circle, learn to do weight loss station

is not afraid of jokes, just a few days ago, I am still a patient, a depressed, tired, neurasthenic patient. Do you know what depression is? I think I should know more or less. Yes, that kind of person who doesn’t feel like living and want to kill himself.

I’m nervous, I’m scared, I hate it, I hate the teacher, I hate school. In March 11th, I came back from school because I couldn’t stay at school. My parents took me to see a doctor. In fact, I knew that no matter how many pills were taken, I was sick because of my heart. After five days at home, I went back to school, but only stayed at school for a day and I went home again. Back home, in the face of relatives and friends inquiry and regret, let me more confused and lost. That day I was jittery, all night without sleep, or take a nap woke up, and then the restless night.

I want to leave home, but my mom and dad did not blame me, I have no reason to run away; I thought Dutch act, but when I speak with my mom and Dad I of this idea, they are full of tears in the eyes, I can not see, I dare not see mom and dad, I have twenty years, let me not to the Dutch act.

I used to think I was a coward. I just ran away with a little trouble. Physical education, I fled; military training, I ran away; now even the entrance exam, I dare not face……

in April 4th, is the most I think you lost lost, Nothing is right., fantimm.cn webmaster Doug taught me how to update the site, and let me give him responsible for the update site, other wise I do not live, but can also be a simple. Every day I start getting up early, then I look for the content carefully, and then send it to bean bean’s website. I no longer shut myself up, do not talk to people, and cry, because I think I still have some use.

When the

in April 11th, Doug asked me not to be interested in this sense, I said well, Doug said otherwise I open a station, by your sole responsibility, I say, Doug asked me what to open a station, I said a weight loss, the girls of slimming beauty more interested in, Doug good. Then there is the popular skinny. Say, do, I remember very clearly, in April 11th, peas began to pick up the template, in April 12th, I began to add content.

I am very careful to publish every article, and by April 15th, the home page is filled, and at night the peas are responsible for seducing spiders, I didn’t know what spiders were, and Baidu was a little bit known. April 16th, that is, the day before yesterday, Google included popular thin, in April 17th, that is, yesterday, Baidu included popular thin.

I wrote it for the first time and I didn’t write it well. Please forgive me. I have many do not understand the place, please exhibitions. At the beginning of the webmaster circle, I hope you can accept me, I hope to become friends with every webmaster, but also eager to encounter many peas like good friends, >!