How do diagrams make your content more sharable

‘s biggest setback for web editors is the content they spend hours writing, and no one actually shares their content on social networks. Social media is a ring to help you grow the enterprise and the brand critical, you need to have advantage sharing on social networks, as the blog content not only requires the participation and authority, it also needs to be shared, so how is your blog more shareable? I will make elaborated below.

1: keep it simple,

when you prune your redundant content, your content is more easily shared. A tedious content page will not only distract the reader from reading your content, but also leave them with little thoughts of sharing your content. A more Sharable Content doesn’t come from the content of the page. Typesetting is also important, as shown in the following figure.



two: don’t have excessive advertising,

with Google panda Google launched this year’s update, we already know that too much advertising is one of the key factors affecting your SEO, and the content of advertising will affect your visitors sharing interest. No one wants to share a very large piece of advertising. The following is a list of articles that can be seen after a long period of advertising. If you need to put ads in your content, you should keep your ads in the smallest range.


three: use the large and obvious shared button

this makes sense, but the shared button is like a road sign. If they have a reasonable size and have an eye-catching design, it will greatly increase the sharing frequency of your content. Some of your visitors may not know much about computers. If there is such a "road sign", they will greatly provide the motivation they share. As shown in the following figure.


four: make sure you have a good title for your inner circle,

away from the mysterious and clever headlines, but to have an attractive, not misleading, and to ensure that can reflect the true content of the title. This will increase the sharing of your content.

five: make your content contain more elements

is one of the best way to share your article is improved with some other elements, such as adding Related videos, pictures, improve the visual effect or adding related connection to your article and so on. Not only will your content be more readable, but it will also enhance your visitors’ enthusiasm for sharing your content.

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