How to do a good job of user experience and enhance user viscosity


, I wrote an article about "SEO is not too tight on the details, the user experience is kingly", and everyone is very concerned about it. Today, another way to talk about how to increase the user experience of the site? How to increase user viscosity?

the so-called user experience, that is, users enter the site, resulting in a good impression, resulting in a friendly attitude towards the site, of course, the ultimate goal is to increase user turnover. Nonsense, say little, directly into the subject, directly from the human sense to analyze.

1, eye movements (see),

knows the domain name of the website, search from BD enter, so our first thing is to see with the eye, understand website.

(1) see website access speed

speed is the key, a good domain name with a good host, if fast enough, the first feeling is very comfortable, just like our eyes see things, if the eyes are 5 vision, believe that as more comfortable more than 300 degrees of myopia. Therefore, the access speed of the website is the key. According to the habit of general access, it is better to open the website within 3~8 seconds. If you can’t open it, just wait for someone else.

(2) look at the layout of the web page

After the

website is opened, the page layout of the website is introduced. If the layout is messy, I believe many people will be disgusted with it, and a lot of friends will spend a lot of time in order to find a download address. Therefore, a reasonable layout of the page, functional design allows users to find what the user wants in a short time. You know, time is money. To save time is to save money for others. That’s a good thing.

(3) look at website color

color has always been a sensitive word, why? Because each person’s appreciation is different from his personal preference. But even so, the color of our website should be designed to be no more than three. At the same time, don’t use too many dark tones. Try to use warm and light colors as much as possible.

(4) look at information

information is mainly refers to the website update, if World Expo were opened out, your website information or information when the return of Hongkong, who see? So popular information on Web, the latest information and so on have, but also can cause everyone’s attention, we have to help.

(5) look at the content (see the effect)

this is the content of the website and user demand correlation, often I met such a situation, from the BD search keywords into the page, which is full of repeated keywords, content, angry. Do not know how such a webmaster think?. Look at content, that is, the content of the site to be rich and useful at the same time, so that users will be able to collect your pages, visit again.

2, manual (operation)

, it’s time for us to do the work, and what we need at this time is "pass >"