nternet giants change the domain name caused by the association of domain name and SEO

read: it is reported that, mi.com officially held by millet company on April 21st, for the purchase of this domain name, millet spent a lot of money. Lei Jun also expresses, new domain name thief is expensive, estimate to be the most expensive domain name on Chinese Internet history,


domain name is one of the most important intangible assets of Internet Co and individual owners, all the content of the website and traffic are associated with a particular domain name, the Internet giants have so far observed, in the company’s development to a certain stage, will change more in line with the user experience good domain name.

in addition to millet replacement short domain name, before vip.com, shop 1, Tmall, etc., are enabled user experience higher domain name, domain name valuable behind, more is to give users high experience. A good domain name is not only helpful for user experience, but also has some influence on website operation and marketing.

it is domain name investors or website administrator, registered domain names to consider matters by the domain name brand, the length of the domain name, domain name, domain name registration and purchase history information contained in the key words. The following Xiaobian with you to continue the domain name 123.

When the

website operator registered the domain name often consider the domain name to add keywords, optimization English website the idea source, but also English website helps in English website domain name contains keywords, website itself gives certain keywords weight, increase website keyword density virtually; if keep the link website to obtain user initiative reproduced, weight also virtually spread of the web site keywords, keyword is equivalent to add anchor text links, they all know that have certain effects on the anchor text links on the web site page ranking.

if the investors in the registration of the domain name, the domain name only considering the keywords contained in the register, the limitations that consider the big, only considering the effect of domain name for SEO optimization, and did not stand on a higher point of view to see the website brand marketing, millet, vip.com enabled the domain name is mi.com is enabled VIP.com, the Jingdong are using jd.com, product of these domain names and no meaning for sale, but the brand display, look at a certain point of view, the domain name and the brand name is similar to the better. He is also a small domain shift, the new on-line free fortune telling website 88 tiger fortune network enabled, the domain name is www.88hu.com, website is a fortune teller, Feng Shui, constellation class portal, domain and site type is completely detached, but it is called me the brand, it is small if want to achieve a big brand, but do not contain the keywords in the domain, rely on brand play out of the enterprise, more long-term survival.

The length of time the

domain name registration website administrator is also the focus of attention, the domain name registration time earlier, the weight of the domain name itself is very high, most of the old owners will register a number of domain name up, placed some simple pages.