Electricity supplier operators must pay attention to the index shopping cart abandon rate

shopping cart abandonment rate refers to the ratio of customers who abandon the goods to the shopping cart, but eventually give up for various reasons. For the electricity supplier, there is nothing more frustrating than the high rate of shopping cart abandonment. According to Monetate’s report, 8.01% of the visitors put the product into the shopping cart, but only 1.42% of the visitors eventually purchased the goods, and the overall shopping cart gave up 82%. There are five ways to reduce the abandonment rate of shopping cart and improve the conversion rate.

electricity supplier spent a lot of money to buy traffic, and watched your customers put your goods into the shopping cart, and when they were just paying for it, the customer chose to give up. There’s no such thing as a higher rate of car shopping abandonment than the electricity supplier, watching those potential customers slip away from you. Facing the high shopping cart abandonment rate, in fact, you are not at a loss what to do. You can take some measures.

1. do the analysis

shopping cart abandonment rate may not only be the price of goods, or because of insufficient consumer awareness. Many are caused by the lack of user experience. The site may have some errors that have not been discovered. You can find out the shopping experience of the customers who gave up shopping according to the user’s operation video and thermal chart. To find the problem of high shopping cart. For example, some international visitors are unable to shop at certain websites in the country, and because their phone numbers are not home, they do not meet the call entry authentication rules in the checkout form.

2. establish a multi step payment process

, for example, separate customers from email addresses and other payment information so that customers can give up on payment. You can also get the customer’s mailbox, so as to get in touch with customers and follow up. During the tracking process, if the customer decides to buy, you can also continue to ask for additional information to fill the customer’s information.

The advantage of

is that on the one hand, you can lower the rate of shopping cart abandonment. At the very least, you can get the contact details of these customers. On the other hand, multi step, multi page form is much better than individual long form, because each step involves relatively few form items, which is suitable for visitors to fill in the mental state.

3. offers free shipping

research finds that freight rates play a big part in online shopping. At present, the electricity supplier in many use of free shipping measures, you should also try free shipping. When you look at the cost of shipping and reduce the abandonment rate of the shopping cart, is your profit greater than the loss caused by the freight?.

4. to make a good refund guarantee, must be clear, unambiguous

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