A few days to choose a virtual host experience

host space soon to expire, although the speed and the stability is good, but the price is a little expensive, a year to the income of the site has not reached the virtual hosting costs, plus recently to two railway station, decided to change to a directory can bind the host, this web site is put in a few a space, thereby reducing the cost.

found a lot of host on the Internet to see which say they are how well, what double line ah, what to what, what time are not selected, into a virtual host evaluation network and there is Internet users for each host service provider evaluation, although a look I know there are a lot of child care, but by more than to see a number of user comments or some help, such as a few years ago I started a space, used very cheap, but extremely slow, I found on the site evaluation of its users are very poor. After reading this, I think the website still has certain reference value. According to the comments of friends and their various host price calculation, select the two ready to try, remember, host selection can try to choose the best, try not to rush to pay, and then decide whether to buy. If the space is large enough, some companies can pay monthly, monthly pay in recent years although a little expensive, but it is recommended to select a month, with at least a month later to pay. I began to select a flat-share, 88 yuan a month, the use is quite satisfactory, a month later opened on the website and found a host of space and database and I bought the same, but also a sub directory bound, the price is 68 yuan / month, immediately register a user opened a trial, suddenly found the space with the server and bandwidth and I bought one, with a room, or even two are very close to the IP address of the server, than do not know the same space, but the price difference. One month expired, I immediately changed the current space, the overall feeling, speed, and other aspects of good, and my site www.3wfang.com I only assigned 50% of the CPU, we feel how fast.

more than I bought a few days ago when the host of a little experience, I hope all of you a little help.