Before you start your website, consider the content, source, and feasibility

With the popularity of the Internet and the

website construction site has difficulty falling, not a difficult thing, but it also caused some problems when the new station in the construction site is easy to produce a hot head, said that the wind is the rain, said to do, to do it at once, often after website source put on to think of it, I’m content where feasible,


now Baidu and Google website content with the original value is very high, so we will inevitably pursue some original and pseudo original, in addition to the customer experience, we must enrich the content of the website, can enter a website, see, only a few content, even if the original. Your people will not come second times, and the original and pseudo original content sources, you must do before careful consideration, you one day out of this article several, and you can produce much like this, a considerable number of? And you currently used to collect the original or false original the feasibility of high


my site was once passed through this detour, because I am not a computer professional, so just to do a blog, with bamboo swaying, my pen name as the domain name of the website, which is, then I want to be a little every day to write their own content, but to write a few days after the discovery, is not feasible, every day of the original, the efficiency is too low, a few days down is ten thing, my temper was more anxious, at this time I feel very lucky, because I do not use the name of the domain name, to modify the contents, problems, there will be many problems of domain name and content, as long as the the name of the website for bamboo swaying what blog can be, that I was very wise, hee hee, because I love to listen to audio stories, so I started to do a year, The sound of the story blog, anyway, what can the potato reproduced, so do a few days, because of what are my own original, so Baidu included the start, for a long time, that is not good, the main content is not rich, even the potatoes inside the sound all in my story the site, or less than the other audio story website, not to mention the space problem, my site may not support the download, so this plan fail again.

after these two lessons, I realized that the website content sources and feasibility should be considered in the station before, so I will stop a few websites hall, think about this question carefully, finally decided to do writing material, why choose this, later, the contents of my hair every day and very adequate. Dozens of articles is not a problem, and now has issued five hundred or six hundred articles every day or continue posting. I just make frequent replacement of content, Baidu included is derailed, obviously now has been doing the writing material, Baidu included but still showed a sound novel, and I always worry about whether Baidu will give me the station to K.

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