Baidu 6.28 hurt everyone, but patronize me

site has just done, not long, although it is an old domain name, but this has been directly replaced by the previous site program. So when you do, there is prepared in mind, must be on-line for one or two months, Baidu will be included. But I did not expect, only half a month or so included, although included is not very ideal, but it has been beyond my expectation.

on-line, and there is no time to do a good job of optimization, at any time is to send one or two articles every day, sometimes two or three days hair. A total of forty or fifty goods, but the goods are just a few days after the entry, the entry is not in the entry before the tube is to advance on the line, so that a sudden entry end, thinking of this entry is certainly unreasonable. The Baidu really did not patronize me, and until now, a commodity page has not been released to me, I know that included the home page snapshot, the next day on the update, but that is, the goods page is not released.

when I’m still in the commodity page, when can I appear in the embrace of the mother and worry, the morning of July 1st, idle nothing to do, check the home page keywords ranking. This time I can’t believe my eyes, one of the important keywords actually appeared on the tenth page. Happy at the same time, I thought for a while, thinking about tomorrow must be ashes (because I have encountered this situation before, but generally second days in 100 after the go), must be the degree of mother wrong. Not much, second days, third days, fourth days… Still in the tenth place, until today, finally dropped in the fifteenth, but in the first one or two pages wandering, this is normal. Let me be sure one thing is: I don’t want to go to the 100 place as I’ve met before. If I want to lose it, I will have lost it long ago.

I try to analyze the reasons, Baidu is no big update before, many informal competition sites are in the front row, updated after these websites are seckill my station, content and keyword match, although not what the chain, but the station in high quality my hair, before this article is mainly to optimize this site keywords, others went down, I came up. What do you think will be the reason for prawns? Welcome to split!


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