From ten reading, the public received 3 million investment triggered thinking

last night at 1 in the morning, I didn’t fall asleep, and then picked up the cell phone, brush the circle of friends. This time I saw an article, the content is about ten reading, this from the media, the use of WeChat public platform, and then received 3 million of the investment, the valuation is 30 million.

When I saw this, I couldn’t calm my heart for a long time,

. The last is that the number of public catering boss reference won 20 million of the investment, the valuation of 1 hundred million. Is it a mainstream trend to use the WeChat public number as a media?

it’s a mainstream trend that we are not talking about the public number from the media today. What we are going to say today is what this public number has given me,


1. makes the content

ten reading, the main content of the release is a number of famous works, the content can be said to be carefully selected. His work is equivalent to the magazine reader, which is to sort out articles authorized by others and then send them out.

The focus of

‘s work is the need for expert article authorization and the need to keep looking for new authors. Once your influence reaches a certain level, it is easy for the famous writers or authors of new books to communicate and negotiate with them.

because this is also indirect, to help them do promotion. In addition to content, the ten point study, in the screening of intentions, and its positioning is also very good. Locate reading, and push the article at ten in the evening.

has done public number operations of friends may know, from 9 to 11 in the evening is a reading peak period, suitable for pushing some more warm inspirational words, and ten reading just happen to do this.

so it can be said to cater to readers’ reading habits and reading psychology. Of course, the most important thing is the selection of the content, which determines the rate of spread of your article.

2. needs team operation from media

It’s getting harder and harder for

to play alone. Last night, I made a plan for a local public number in Zhengzhou on a whim, but when I went to screen the content, I spent more than half an hour and didn’t find a good article.

if there is no high-quality content, the development of the public will be subject to certain restrictions. Moreover, a person all day camp a public number may not be what you think, but early takes a little effort to build a fan base.

and ten reading is a team, according to the article, they are a small team of ten people. If there are 10 people running a public number, is that relatively easy,


of course, 10 person team is probably not a WeChat public number, but they are relatively relatively clear division of labor, a special contact authorization, a specially selected article, there is the responsible for editing and typesetting.