Father of QQ, Ma Huateng tells himself entrepreneurship is on your own

is the reform and opening up 30th anniversary last year, this year is the 60th anniversary since the founding of new Chinese, Tencent will usher in their first ten years, China from country to country, the Internet vigorous growth, the development of Tencent cannot do without this background.

is on the second day of 1984, I came to Shenzhen, then Shenzhen has just opened, so many years in Shenzhen, I feel that Shenzhen is really a hot spot for entrepreneurs and the window, the Tencent absorbed abundant nutrition in this land.

, like HUAWEI, ZTE, is entirely voluntary, and entrepreneurs do it by themselves. With Beijing is not the same, or policy, or other, in the objective environment can do it, but most of Shenzhen is entirely on their own, entrepreneurs such a hot land, this feeling will be much more intense.

the slogan for Shenzhen at that time was "time is money, efficiency is life."". At that time, the reform and opening up, the country is still a lot of thinking when there is no liberation, it is really shocked to hear such words, money can be used as a slogan, which dared to mention so before.

Tencent was fortunate in the big wave can have a such a good opportunity, including now and in the future there will be many new opportunities to emerge, the key is to rely on more people’s consciousness, is not really able to grasp the opportunity.

when I first founded Tencent in 1998, the Internet industry in China was in its early stages of prosperity. At the time of Internet users was 3 million, less than a fraction of it, is now more than 300 million, is 100 times that of that time! The environment is not so good, risk investment opportunity has just begun, but the chance is very small. We are also not very good at this, but fortunately there is fair, the first session of the fair has a lot of opportunity, investors will focus on Shenzhen this place, give us the opportunity of financing.

we started also facing great difficulties, the Internet bubble burst, the financing difficulties of funds, and investment, the pressure on us is very large, overcome difficulties, many founders, management mentality is low-key, think the problem is a serious point, others may say nothing, I want to pose or put out also, empty step out, to prevent what changes, if you see the situation better, we will slowly walk a little faster.

it was difficult at that time. I envy the fact that many entrepreneurs today are much easier than we were at that time, but in fact many investors are taking a lot of risk and the probability is getting lower and lower. The company is responsible for its shareholders and investors. The most difficult moment for the Tencent was when venture capital came in in 2001, when it was hard to finance the next step. At that time, the industry bubble, Tencent funds are also difficult, when the book was only $1 million. So now I’m a big fan of emerging companies.

frankly speaking, China is now basically the Internet model from abroad to learn, and not too much of their original. After all, business models are hard to ask for