How does the business model of beauty become the largest female community in China

says it is a Taobao web site and is one of the top female fashion media communities in china. Founded in 2009 November, founded by Xu Yirong, the main profit model is supported by Taobao. The main plates of beauty include: shopping, shopping, sharing new trends and matching experiences. The operating model is quite similar to


beautiful said, in the wireless terminal products, initially walked through some detours, such as HTML5 immature, such as calling the camera, reading files, hand gesture recognition and other technologies do not support. Later, beauty said that HTML5 and local code were combined, and the operational content was done with HTML5. If it was non operating, it would be done with local code. This has also become the development strategy of many mobile users.

‘s so-called ‘beauty’ model refers to a social sharing model that focuses people of the same interests in a vertical field, sharing, recommending, and commenting on each other. The products are all from Taobao website.


community itself gains profit by displaying ads, which are divided into patterns. On the Internet, users can recommend products, share goods, discuss each other, and so on. In providing users with the discussion at the same time, but also for businesses to find accurate users, from the business model point of view, this is a relatively successful model. As the chain of this business model is short and strong targeted, the concept of beauty has been expanded continuously since its birth.

, Alibaba’s chief of staff, once said "CEO, that’s what the founders said," Taobao, etc., says that the model has been waiting for two years. Of course, the success of beauty has attracted many imitators, we have seen and imitation, in pushing maternal parent-child shopping sharing community, and would love to say, these are typical of the imitator, beauty has become the industry highly recognized leader.

some people say that the beauty of the SEO do very cattle, but I think the beauty is not only SEO is cattle, it is also very cattle to create keywords. For example: beautiful, beautiful beautiful website home page said, these three are beautiful to create their own search keywords, respectively index for more than 50 thousand times, 10 thousand times, 1 thousand and 400 times, occupy Baidu flow 90%.

of course, in addition to these 3 keywords, the beauty said there are many keywords ranking is good, but all add up, there is no big flow of these three keywords.

The main promotion model

beautiful said or from the third party QQ login, QQ registry key QQ space, Tencent friends all up, open up means you can use QQ to reprint many fields and micro-blog space and the network of friends. The interface of "beauty" is also consistent with these fields of communication. I haven’t seen it before