nquisitive why not included in the page

website page is not included has been a problem for the owners, the general collection rate of more than 70% is the high quality of the site, most sites included rate remained at around 50%, how to improve the inside pages included rate has become a key problem. Several reasons of Maoming SEO in this with you inquiry page is not included and solutions, inadequacies also hope expert.

one, the inside page weight is low,

web pages within the weight of the search engine does not reach the index standard, will naturally be determined as meaningless pages, and abandon the index. Usually four layers of structure for the upper limit, the level is too deep, easily lead to inadequate allocation of weight and difficult to include. By increasing the inside of the page and the chain of home front straight chain, can effectively improve the weight of the page, and then lead to the deep page included.

two, plagiarism or pseudo original

search engine to pseudo original and even plagiarism has been scoffed, spider index by comparing database similarity calculation, if more than the proportion of the upper limit, will consider giving up included. Judging from the data of the last two months, Baidu has stepped up its crackdown on the copying station and stated that it will continue to be "purified" in the future". It is undeniable that the pseudo original amount included to enhance the role of the webmaster therefore advised to maintain a proper proportion of the original, and a mixture of fish beads quickly raise your weight.

three, involving sensitive words

if the content involves sensitive words, the page will not be included. Through Baidu search part of sensitive words, you can find the search results are well-known sites, because the well-known site credibility is higher, Baidu as search service providers can reduce the possible legal disputes arising therefrom. If the content can not be avoided mention of sensitive words, can use synonyms synonyms or method typos to deliberately avoid the trap included.

four, internal procedure error

because the page is dead link or code error may also lead to not included phenomenon, it is recommended to include too low number of webmaster friends carefully check the station if there is an internal program error.

five, content quality

comparison of plagiarism or pseudo original, even if it is original, but the quality of the content is too low is also a big abuse, such as malicious stack keywords or anchor text link quality is too low, excessive quantity and so on. I want to refute what is called the "literary" poor "readability" cause not included the statement, through long-term observation the author found that many sites even if the content page statement is not smooth or even the garbage can also be included and get good rankings, this author in his blog has made a lot of testing, are interested in friends can study.

six, space unstable,

web site instability can lead to many problems, you can imagine how many times a spider has crawled into a website when it hits a wall. A stable and fast website space is the cornerstone of healthy growth for all sites.

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