Clever use of popular keywords to increase traffic

these days, they are very concerned about the recent hot news. There has been a lot of hot news lately. Like what "energy-saving", "ocean girl". "70 yards" and other hot things, very attractive people’s eyes.

and I in my station, these events, in his view, write some of the contents, and with the relevant pictures, for example, I was at 9:30 yesterday evening presented a "shocking: energy-saving of the customers", and then I look at about 10:40, when statistics suddenly, a sudden rise of more than 20 IP, I immediately saw a down the road, turned out to be GOOGLE’s blog search can search to my article. So, I quickly went to the Baidu encyclopedia to find a "marine female" key entry, it is a pity that the entries have been published by others, so I try to modify, plus my link, but waited 20 minutes, did not pass the examination, because there is a suspicion of advertising. No way, I only think of another way out, so to find a "energy-saving" entry, others were released, but the content is not much, so I from the other website to find more details, after a small change, first published on their website, and then go back to the encyclopedia. Added to the original words, in the extended add a website news connection. After finishing this, I went to bed because it was more than 12.

and so on when I got up at 7:30 in the morning, when I opened the statistics, I finally saw the effect, there were more than 80 IP, as follows:


so I took a look at the road, and most of the traffic came from GOOGLE’s blog search and Baidu Encyclopedia:


it seems that GOOGLE blog search quickly, can discover the new blog content, but there is one point, if all of your content, is completely COPY others, so difficult to be found, you must go through their modifications, title and content, not the same as with others, so in order to attract spider. Another point, Baidu encyclopedia, if you create new entries, be sure to find the latest and most popular entries. Content should be rich, do not add a link, add enough. If some of the entries have been published by others, you can add this entry, but the additional content must be new and characteristic. After you add it, you can also add a link to the extension. Can generally be audited.

above, that is, I get some experience today, published to share with you, interested friends, you can go to my station to see, we can exchange more.

(worry free Sparrow: original)