Method for effectively exploiting the value of website inquiry tools

personal webmaster once the name and age of rash and too much in haste has left us slowly away, some early into venture capital some electricity providers have made some company executives, the rest of the webmaster what are you doing? A new generation of stationmaster is slowly surfaced, meet new challenges.

once, these domestic webmaster sector representatives, and how many people will remember and frequented




is also the Internet on behalf of sina Tencent NetEase Taobao, are in constant change why most webmaster points are still "laurels"



today to share some of the main website tools, help to improve work efficiency, a reasonable allocation of resources, to maximize use of resources, let us have more time to learn more valuable things, above 8 sites with only in different areas of the shadow, do you see


webmaster to improve work efficiency, in addition to innovative ideas, essential is tools, how tools are valuable, below I will introduce several: veteran webmaster tools, functions, general interface, relatively fresh a very good tool station, although the interface is rough, point function is more complete, function and almost the same, the interface looks cool, the main tool is to do the kind of site, with less, but the function is more complete, is also a veteran webmaster network under the tool station, performance inquiries relatively stable, for "positive" good for one of the

has tools to find out what is valuable to you from so many functions. You must prove it through practice:

1: now many tools provide web site query, data save,

, for example, is as follows: Domain=XXX.

? Weburl=XXX

? >