A deceitful way of telling a cheater

today, a man tapped me through the QQ on the store.

503974514, 09:40:49

Is the

boss there,


Victor [Kun] 09:41:31


503974514, 09:43:10

good boss,

, http://s.paipai.papaiwang.com.cn/cgi-bin/login_entry, ADTAG=388.31.1. Can you show me this one? Is it available,


I just opened the link, ready to enter the QQ number, I found the contents of the wrong, and then look at the web site will understand.

, take note of this web site: paipai.paipaiwang.com is an obvious phishing site. If you don’t look carefully, you may be cheated.

opens the website and will prompt you to enter your QQ number, password, verification code, where he will steal your login account.


input, whether correct or not, he will automatically prompt you, you have set the payment password, ask you to be paid here to steal the password, set the payment password account, which belongs to a post, he will let you enter it again, in order to confirm your input is correct. The official website will jump to pat two times after the input, we must be vigilant, this garbage cheats and phishing sites, don’t be stolen account number and password.

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