Do not stand learning from Xi Li Ge

China has a large population, but the Internet information resources per capita are very low. According to the statistical results of authoritative data shows, at present every million people have 11 sites, with the number of sites per million Internet users is only 72, Chinese also need to vigorously promote the development of Internet based resources, improve China’s per capita level of information resources and national information capability.

these macro data information seems to indicate the development of this industry space, there are many room for imagination, but also attract more enthusiastic people in the Internet business into which. Back in 2009, there were too many big events on the internet". Check and stop…… This series of policy initiatives has made it harder for individual Internet practitioners to survive. This is a setback, and at the same time, it is an opportunity to make people happy and sad. What is the future direction of the development? What’s more, it is to make our Internet environment more standard and clean.

as a personal website practitioners, from entering the industry to mature, the technical level since Needless to say, it is indispensable. So what problems do we need to overcome from the psychological level in the process of growing up,


, from the first

pride will make a man backward, impatience can make people decadent. This is critical for those who have just started to stand. At the beginning, because of the strangeness of the industry, there will always be great freshness and boundless passion, and full of hope and hope. When we make some progress, we will work overtime for 2 hours. However, in the event of problems, often also appear very impatient, the amount of Web site to reduce, reduce weight, and so on, will promote a confident entrepreneurs retreat.

so, guard against arrogance and rashness is every entering the Internet industry practitioners should overcome.


Knowledge has no limit.

There is no end for learning. suffering for the boat. Maybe when you see the line your eyes have narrowed, chin in his hand and Qiangdajingshen, because you do need to update the operation of the website is to win, tomorrow included the amount of increase, PV new high…… A series of data comes from your tireless updates and creativity. It is also a key data prompted you need new technology constantly learning new knowledge, to cater to the engine to cater to the tastes of users.

learning other people’s technology and experience, used to me, so as to rise to a higher level of technology.

third, industry trends

focus on industry trends. Personal development can not be separated from society, and the development of the profession also needs the guidance of the industry. From entering the industry, contact with a lot of outstanding individual webmaster, with the depth of communication, found that many friends thought into a narrow alley. Every day, two ears do not hear out of the window made the most vivid portrayal, but this is not the focus, but toward the abyss of death! How to know others lack communication ideas, lack of communication how to know the direction of development of the industry? These are a lot further down the road.