A new trend in the development of navigation stations

by my friend’s recommendation, I have been using http://s.anyou.com/ more recently. At first, it feels like to see Baidu navigation page, clean it, or is the classification and content more, ha ha, but carefully for several times, but found that this is a hidden but beautiful spot, the navigation station shall not much and have their own characteristics. This new station, perhaps represents the navigation station in the future, practical and interactive development direction.

specifically two points:

navigation station first, the biggest flaw is immutable and frozen, no matter who you are, to customers is the same, so in addition to the popular web site, and can not fully meet the user’s individual needs, you also need other tools, especially Baidu, Google. Ann friend’s collection treasure is actually a network favorite, you can use the special needs of the site classified collection, including Ann friend itself does not include the site. After this, members login (even in different places using different machines), you can browse commonly used (recommended by An You nets) and your own commonly used (favorites) site, very convenient.

in fact, some websites such as 114la and 360 navigation have recently noticed the functions of network favorites. But they seem to be just a little thing. The 114la favorites are actually moved to 115 favorites, and the 360 ones are too simple…… Only Ann friend’s network is full and powerful, and truly embodies the function of network favorites.

secondly, the navigation station is more rigid, showing its superior, and lack of interaction with the user, so there are many people in addition to save trouble, do not really like the navigation station. Yasutomo net "Sun Bar" is an important interactive function, the user can independently to recommend their favorite web site, for everyone to share, which is different from other navigation stations such as hao123 backstage function recommended, because the latter secret operations, as if you wrote a letter from the people, no echo. "Drying Internet cafes" is immediately drying out members recommend web site. Of course, it is pity because the navigation station classification too much, it is difficult for users to recommend the most familiar, so the classification is not accurate; there are also recommended station station, uneven in quality, in the plug-in inside, this test administrator worked. As for the "friend network" for each collection site established a theme, and the corresponding release of the comment function is relatively deserted, the effect is not ideal, it seems that our general Internet users are not all very diligent.

in short, Ann friend is a new face in the navigation station, but also a rare new force, perhaps it may not be successful, but should be allowed to try, this is our Internet spirit connotation.