Do Adult Supplies website wise remark of an experienced person

adult website should be one of the most active and active e-commerce websites in china. In the early 1999 China emerging hot Internet business website, Adult supplies has become Chinese few profitable website, Chinese currently active sites up to thousands of web pages, page about 10000000. I am running such a website will soon be 10th anniversary, in this line as a "veteran" level, and now talk about my understanding of this industry and its lessons learned.

1, a lot of people are biased toward adult goods websites. Looking for other stations to link up and even buy their advertising positions seems to insult the station owners. Some webmaster to see is Adult Supplies website, think of pornography, think of illegal websites, most of them will be shunned, as a webmaster, we feel very helpless! In fact, such a regular website, have their own business license, a record number, is entirely legitimate network station. The country has never regarded such sites as illegal websites, or even equated them with pornography. However, there are websites that sell drugs, especially prescription drugs and sex drugs, and suggest that they do not cooperate well. Such websites do have illegal information.

2, website publicity, do not exaggerate the effectiveness of the product, but also can not sell the country expressly provides products that can not be sold online, such as sexual medicine. 07 years, one of my PR 6 website, because sales of what * * exaggerate the efficacy of increasing pill, a short period of time has made some money, but huge losses, was ordered to shut down the site Industrial and Commercial Bureau rectification for three months, Pr finally reduced to zero, the Baidu K station, now after more than a year efforts are currently only slightly improved.

3, don’t make a price war. The market for adult products is limited, and you can never win by just as much as daily necessities. Plus, online prices are open and transparent. You can lower your price by someone else. In the last ten years, I’ve seen a lot of price wars to defeat my opponents, and ended up in bankruptcy. And I have been in accordance with a certain profit margin sales, neither selling high prices, making huge profits, but also do not disturb the market at low prices, so I can persist in the past ten years, profit growth year after year.

4, even if less earn or even lose money can, and do not sell inferior or counterfeit products, otherwise the result is to lose customers, lose credibility. Ensure product quality, accumulated repeat customers will bring you unexpected income.

5, strictly confidential customer privacy. Among the clients who buy adult products, there are plenty of successful people with money. The phone numbers of these customers are the precious resources many people want, so someone may call you to buy the customer’s telephone number. In the face of money and professional ethics, as a webmaster should consider carefully. The good way is that the customer’s phone number is used up to delete, and never disturb the customer’s life.

6, product safety and health will always be the first. If a customer finds that the product is not satisfactory, he would like to add money for another. Because you can’t guarantee customers not to use >