Answering questions re discussion of fresh electricity supplier is not a pseudo proposition


never dreams, or dreams are interesting; one must learn to be sober: either sober or sober. – Nietzsche

last time selling fish paste received a praise, and on the fresh electricity supplier is not a pseudo proposition, this post has won a tucao. Wake up in the morning, view the various gods Tucao and messages, can not help but still melancholy, and a cup of coffee, can only sigh, rare friends, regardless of praise or Tucao, can understand a few.

people can not just listen to their own advantage, or praise voice, so easy to lose yourself. A post on a lot of people do make some of my most grateful for is overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, many by the tiger sniffing know fresh friends, share some experiences and difficulties with each other. The reason why want to send fresh electricity supplier is not a false proposition "this post is to tell you, especially want to engage in this industry IT entrepreneurs, the problems and risks, before you are not sure that he is not Chen Jingrun, please don’t touch this proposition. Sincerely and Shen Zhi, think twice.

, of course, those money like dirt, money, to people, to have a relationship between the rich and the coal bosses can ignore me.

this is a grass root, so write something, just to have a look into the grass root, not high handsome rich who escaped.

not a reply to you, and here I do a reply to your focus, hoping to make the original did not understand, understand, originally understood, and some more exchanges. (my post general matter, not for anyone, and there’s a dude I said to him, I was the wind messy.


1. is making fun of those IT men who are found among a considerable number of IT men follow popular fantasy habits, what what to do today, the mobile Internet mobile phone fire that is a blue ocean, tomorrow zombies swept the world, feel immeasurable Mobile Games, acquired at several fresh the website data flow slobber, began a few years later declared that it would be a peacefulness of the industry.

they never use their heads to think about it. They do electronic services, not real business at all. The so-called bubble, that’s how it comes.

maybe you buy a mobile phone from Xiaomi apple, you just need to know how much it costs, and you don’t need to know how you’re going to assemble it. But if you think you’re never go out to buy vegetables, not sell vegetables in the market, even if you have not seen even the dock, the farm didn’t visited you, and others. The market has more beautiful fresh… This is not really nonsense.


please, IT men, don’t Baidu, answer me, how much is today’s Chinese cabbage a kilo?

look, you’re so shy that you lower your head