Looking at the world from a child’s point of view! Usability research of children’s product website


children’s products have sprung up in the past few years and are becoming more and more popular. Children’s Internet users iResearch survey conducted in February 2012, CNNIC released data released under the age of 19 netizens and Chinese Bureau of statistics of each age population distribution to be calculated, iResearch the number of China children 6-14 years of age of Internet users reached 76 million 602 thousand, compared with 2010 children aged 6-14 users 73 million 792 thousand increased by about 2 million 800 thousand.


The number of

children is increasing constantly, and the age distribution of Internet users and Internet penetration are also rising.


children’s products user group is very clear, users continue to increase in viscosity, derived from around a series, such as books, movies, including copyright and so on, children’s play the earnings outlook is very large, very high degree of concern, children’s products market competition more and more fierce.

The kingdom of Rock

in 2010 officially launched, we understand the user for children is not very deep, for the children of the user’s browsing habits, children’s mentality and perception, we know very little, in the process of children’s website design, reconstruction, bring a lot of inconvenience, so do some superficial research.

children’s market is growing, there is also a Iqiyi wireless UED responsible person @ Xiao Sheng share of the child interface design guide, "experience sharing: Design for children mobile application interface skills"

The following

for the kingdom of Rock and the front page of the website for your home page of the official website:

hotspots map



children in the browse pages, and non user children there is a certain difference, children’s inattention, love with a mouse click, click No focus, rather than children is the purpose of the user to click on their own needs, children’s thinking and children’s thinking is non users there is a difference of

Less advertising on the

website, the user more love children what kind of advertising form? We Rock the game’s official website home page single frame advertising and carousel advertising hits were compared, the results clearly in mind.


and other Tencent game web game website advertising contrast, children are more accustomed to carousel advertising form, but children love more simple and direct forms of advertising. The data is shown below:


conducted a questionnaire survey on children’s users. The content of the questionnaire mainly focused on children’s terms, comprehension and English words