After the two biggest buy Group websites merge, group buying is disappearing

public comment network and the United States Group merger "big move": to "buy", and to "payment" overall transformation

public comment and the U.S. group announced the merger after more than a week, the future pattern of group purchase market is gradually clear: the original cross between the two families of the exclusive agreement has automatic failure, the new platform is the enemy of Baidu Nuomi, and the merger of the two largest fruit industry to bring is actually, group purchase will gradually disappear.

, for both the public comment network and the US group, the top two companies in China’s group buying market, is a revolution of self redemption.

"flash" and "


public comment network and the United States Mission network jointly issued a statement on October 8th, announced a strategic cooperation. The same day, Shanghai Pudong New Area a restaurant District, will be able to see outside the shop eye-catching "beauty group group purchase enjoy 20 percent off preferential" posters up two steps here, and public comment from the preferential promotion is another way to go.

in a lack of street ten square meters of Korean food store, cashier Shen busy is recommended to use the mobile phone to the customer on the "public comment" flash pay to enjoy promotions benefits. Every Thursday, is the public comment "flash benefit day", the customer as long as designated restaurants use "flash Hui" payment, you can directly on the basis of the original price to enjoy half price concessions. Public comment, Alipay initiative on the long-term benefits of changing consumer expect flash, and then the group purchase, payment habits; direct payment by way of preferential substitution, now the group purchase mode.

but for a year, customer awareness and utilization of flash payments are still very difficult to really catch up with group buying. In this Korean cuisine store, the customers in the store, ten to one, don’t know the benefits. They need to use it under the direction of the shop assistant. If there is no big discount, they will hardly be interested.

people are accustomed to using public comment to search for nearby food rather than direct consumption on the platform. Although the Korean restaurant took part in the half day activities of the day, it was close to six p.m. and there were still 2/3 free seats during the dinner period. In contrast, takeaway distribution personnel frequent entry and exit, showing a bit lively popularity, but apparently, takeaway mode and flash benefits are not half dime.

the little restaurant can not be aware of, this situation may soon be changed. Because on this day, the public comment and the United States Group announced in a very sudden way the merger of the two sides, this cooperation in the development bottleneck period will have an impact on future development.

exclusive agreement does not "waste" from breaking

in Shenzhen, just with a catering business to complete exclusive agreement with the United States Group Sales Manager Zhang Xiaohua, from the mass media know the United States group and public comment "merger" news. It was a bit of a loss for him to lose the value and meaning of this exclusive contract.

despite the fact that a few days ago, the company started streaming