Give new station leaders a little bit of advice

station is more than half a year in retrospect really a little regret not only during this period through the road to Shu some one because I was studying the interior design. Then see friends do stand also follow together (friends, friends advice can be less some detours. So I want to through webmaster nets to you new station, I want to mention some of my little little experience,

will draw lessons from. First statement: I am also the first posting, thinking may be a little confused, if there is anything wrong, welcome to propose,


1, a new site after doing a good job, to find a few friends exchange links, new sites are generally no one willing to connect with you < this is even before I have a deep understanding of >.

so don’t bother, as many as webmaster nets. Webmaster Station. Behind the ages and other major BBS to send post

find the link, how much does not matter, just out of the site as long as the connection is good not to quarrel with you can exchange connection station PR and other related data as long as the other in update site. Included is good can not cheating.

and go to the forum to post, find links, as long as the post has updated, Baidu can find on the line,

2, of course, in addition to friendship connection, I used to go to Baidu, know where to find some related questions to answer, and bring the connection.

here, it’s best to answer the question to be answered so that the connection will be left. And when answering questions, don’t just answer for the connection. Make your connection look valuable.

of course you don’t answer a lot of questions, the general 2-3 can be, not afraid of K then you will answer a hundred.

3 website submitted, in the period before the collection, it is best not to have too much change, you stand home. The rest is the update. At this time you do not open a computer, chat with MM,

or watch movies or play games. That’s not good for new sites,

you might as well use the time to BBS to send post, find friendship connection. Look at other people’s experience of standing, skills and experience to improve your ability to do the station.

4 site program selection, we recommend the use of DEDE procedures, quick start. Most importantly, the official forums have many beautiful templates available for download. It is recommended not to use the default template.

5 is best to update your website regularly and regularly. I usually update it at 12 noon and 18 p.m., and at 0. The update at 0 is especially important.

and the most important thing is to keep it up and stick to it