Expose fast Beian There is much fineness in site

recently discovered, now popular online fast web site Beian Beian, a 1 minute hoax, claiming to have these relations can be, can help others in a very short period of time to take a national website ICPbeian certificate to cheat money.

why does the site need Beian?

, we must first understand why the website should be patterned. According to the regulations of the State Administration of Internet information service, all websites in the domestic server must be beian. The website Beian is the national policy, and the website Beian means the website has an ID card. If your site does not carry out Beian, your domain name will be blocked by the communications office, and then the site will not be accessible. The website Beian is free of charge, and the website of the Ministry of information industry conducts online beian.

Beian scam 1: proxy website Beian through a few minutes, to get the site Beian number ICP.

agent web site can quickly site Beian, as ISP access providers can use its website under Beian information and have permission to modify the site, specially modified No. Beian old before, so prepare down all 200520062007 old website beian.

is precisely because of the use of this deception method, you can quickly delete the old site ICPbeian inside the domain name, change the customer’s new domain name. So it’s only a few minutes. Of course, they don’t give the ICP certificate password, so you can only ask for it. When you are in the Ministry of information industry, public information query site Beian state has been the site of Beian, he really is 12 (12, the website said Beian audit, i.e. your website Beian after the success of re added information needs to be revisited.) re examination is likely not through, this is it a common technique.

How does

recognize the true ICP web site Beian?

1. check the site Beian number is not the year of this year, if the website Beian host name is others, not yourself, that is a problem.

2. will not provide you with all of the ICP’s background account and password, if provided to you, you will see the website Beian information, which is "re examined", three words.

3. you can’t download the certificate. If you can provide a certificate to you, but also casually find a bazs.cert file to you, because this file is unable to open the view information, the file name is the same, so you can give you one.

Beian scam 2: the same ICPbeian number, a number of web domain names used together, that is, share a Beian number on multiple sites.