Grassroots Webmaster how to collect the original words

just saw this article in the behind: "in the collection process, did not affect the acquisition speed, after this article can modify the 20%-30% article have become part of other content, but not the content becomes out of order, but did not change the meaning of the original text. Imagine if an article 20%-30% the contents are not the same if it is not collected, can say is similar, which can greatly reduce the probability of being K, the general pure acquisition station survived 2-3 months of 80% will be K, after such a modification made out of the station can be reduced to below 20% K chance "this method with the theory about the following, please listen:

method 1: split method

cut the original continuous text into 2, 3, or more.

benefits: reduce the similarity, increase the speed of visitor browsing and increase the amount of page access.

disadvantages: the article can not continuously browse, the original one-time browsing becomes tedious, and at the same time, Title Title Optimization is also a certain disadvantage, because there will be repeated. However, in the smaller number, there will be nothing serious.

method two: follow the method

adds a paragraph to the end of each paragraph. It can be a reminder, a small survey, or other articles.

benefits: further reduce the similarity, to give more information, to provide more use function. For example, "go back to the top",

disadvantage: improper use will reduce user experience, and if you use JAVASCEIPT and so on, it may affect page loading speed and interfere with the main line of customer browsing.

method three: tag method

adds a friendship note after a particular keyword. For example, the idea of SEO (SEO related information) we advocate is…

benefits: increase the user experience, so that customers can understand more unfamiliar professional terms, so as to better understand the meaning of the article. You can also naturally repeat keywords and increase keyword density.

disadvantages: if you use too much, it will cause the page information to be confused and reduce the user experience. Increase page volume, reduce loading speed. Interference with the original keyword layout and density.

method four: stealth method

will be of no practical use of the word instead of using pictures, optimized GIF images only a dozen bytes, will appear in the part of specific words or words for stealth, also can be very good to reduce the effect of the page similarity.

advantages: it does not disturb the layout of key words, does not interfere with user experience, does not affect browsing and loading speed, and effectively prevents collection.

disadvantage: only a little increase in loading time, but almost negligible.