From Guizhou to 007 in Shanghai to settle down behind Ma can not speak

yesterday saw Guizhou 007 in the laggards forum first published the original "without a backward Guizhou who is struggling webmaster content", said for the 007 realistic portrayal of the character is not much, but the real voice, wrote a famous older non pain and no resistance to the webmaster. Selling stations, station protection? Survival? Change? Are all a certain time to do the webmaster mentality, realistic. From the quality of the article, it is actually felt. So we Guizhou network status, the webmaster do not love his appearance. Want to come, also 007, in the backward registered for nearly a year did not write the reasons for the article (probably not, ha ha) yesterday, I do not know what the reason is. But this is why I can The writing mirrors the writer., read this article, because we have dealt with in reality. Talk to each other many times.

looked again, and 007 wasn’t out of date. Ha ha, yes, the laggards are not unusual; he’s 007; there are probably too many people out there. No one else can manage him. Don’t even care about him. What people want is a famous stationmaster, big stationmaster. For him such "not famous stationmaster", and it is elder stationmaster, the strength that pays close attention to is insignificant.

and the think of a few days ago, should be reported by the end of 07 saw, said Ma had opened the company suffered in Shanghai, the people of Shanghai such non famous small technology companies are innumerable, where he can pay attention to the ma? Oh, now, Lee Baba Jean with special respect. The world’s largest e-commerce companies, international companies, many cattle ah. The annual tax, I do not know how much you must pay. I heard that the leaders of Shanghai and the leaders of Guangdong talked to ma. Oh, I don’t understand. What do you mean,


Guizhou 007, do you want to have a leader talking to you? Ha ha.

is not important behind the times, and important is not out of date.

do your own thing, do a good thing, you can harvest a lifetime. Don’t go too what name, when you give us community known as the "Guizhou non famous webmaster community", famous and non famous webmaster webmaster difficult to communicate, there must be a grassroots grassroots look, on the ground, on the side of the road in the mountains, as long as there is a drop of water, you have to the possibility of survival. If you live in those tall buildings in the city, a half day can make you sun dying, do you believe it, anyway, I believe.

in Guizhou, good or bad, there are a few intimate webmaster know, understand you, in the country, ghosts do not recognize you, more or less, are you out of date?. Because the nature of the grassroots determines your starting point. (ha ha, of course, me too. Wake up, old 7. It’s meaningful to have two drinks when you are free. It’s more brotherly than any other thing, because it’s a brotherhood, and it’s a good time to be practical. Fame cannot be eaten with rice. Besides, it’s really famous. You’re not out of date any longer. Like me, send articles, start the community. In other places love turns away.

babble a few words, old 7, more offended, forgive me.