How can enterprises use micro-blog marketing promotion

micro-blog now become popular, become the mainstream of fashion, as a diffusion type popular network as ever blog, it was also optimistic about the enterprise, at present micro-blog is still in the trial stage, enterprise through micro-blog how to achieve promotion effect, gradually step into the winter with the blog, micro blog for fast track, can be released through the mobile phone platform communicate more easily by fashion whenever and wherever possible, family sought. Therefore, the trend of enterprises to participate in micro blog, should be respected.

nowadays, many people can’t play blog, become a veritable idle blog, and most of them lose their freshness. It’s better to spend time on advertising information, and not even using blogs to distribute articles about corporate culture or brand products, and over time, stay away from blogs. It is very difficult to achieve blog marketing, it should be said that although now the blog into the winter, but as far as doing e-commerce or internet marketing enterprises, also very few do even do blog marketing, this is also with the relevant blog diary, each article can not only write ten words a bin, so for businesses often press release or soft paper is difficult,

But now micro-blog

advantage is that the text is short, more than 100 words, can short the timely release of corporate culture or the latest product information, Corporate Events various company dynamic and interactive, to do micro-blog marketing, is the main choice of micro-blog platform for social media marketing and public relations in which the platform, you can choose from a relatively narrow range, and the long tail distribution of social media is more obvious, concentrated in a few media platform of the head, you can cover a large part of the target audience.

is now currently the hottest domestic micro-blog is Sina micro-blog, can register a business account, product service information of enterprises, many enterprises set up promotion account of enterprises and organizations most commonly used in Sina micro-blog, micro-blog is actually a kind of traditional "one-way" media release "broadcast" advertisement. Can not say that there is no effect, also cannot say that everyone feel disgusted, but the lack of broadcast advertising interaction and communication, it is the most difficult to browse through the formation of interpersonal communication, interaction and communication are more difficult to form the kind of cultivating a brand of feeling of closeness and affection.

enterprise can set up a special discussion of a topic, and explore the delicacy of health and people can cosmetics company, really can not think of the relevance of the topic, like some manufacturing limitations such as enterprise customers, with silicone products related products production enterprises, it is difficult to have a more popular topic, you can make a famous aphorism or scripts like to attract attention and popularity, every day 10 famous or interesting piece, can attract a large number of readers, etc.. People interested in, and at the same time the topic of enterprise products and services to carry out exchanges, is a safe, easy to provide promotion value, accept and close to you in this blog, Sina micro-blog many celebrities such Master shoes oh.