Do quality goods station is the only way out of the webmaster

is a new webmaster only a short while ago, the noun, but now it has gradually become an industry, has experienced thirteen years of groundless talk, to become famous and has become famous, wanted to be famous to become famous, indeed the webmaster is a hard industry, is also an exciting industry, everyone in a year or for overnight fame! But after fame is not very big, not a lot of people, then see who can become famous in what way


A5 throughout the mix you stand, stand little boutique station has a lot of mediocrity, many webmaster, even some webmaster have hundreds and hundreds of stations, and do not say that hundreds of maintenance will cost you most of the energy, this single station hundreds of profit but also a link money, perhaps this is the so-called standing group of Raiders, but I think this is the biggest obstacle to the progress of the industry China webmaster!

for the following reasons:

for me, for example, I think I’ve come to some psychological distance. 02 years began to have their own website, and now began to concentrate on doing my life network (, I like many webmaster like through a lot of depression period, also did a lot of all kinds of website! But in the end I bring in addition to consume unlimited energy, earned the money enough in order to make up for my pay.

I started to see what

is thinking about what to fire, or fire started on what website, domain name registration N, bought a N space, a student a lot of money to pay in the space and domain name, but I soon found that creative, operation is a problem, promotion cost is a problem, technology is a problem, site security is a problem. I have problems in the inexhaustible waiting for me, and I also opened nearly ten stations, each station gradually became my heart, every station began gradually desolate, until all the stations are abandoned, like all the webmaster, I worked hard day and night or into the East that earn! Not enough money to buy me some food! Maybe I was incompetent, but when you have that you can’t control, knowing that when the opportunity to have no ability to grasp, I believe you and I have the same feeling of panic, but


gradually I understand, and put all my energy on dozens of hundreds of mediocre station by selling links for students, it is better to focus my strength, build a boutique station! Before I can have a domain name, and shift over space, also earn some money, but I know it is money. There are hundreds of garbage domain hands, when I saw the name of heart is very tired, because it is RMB to buy but not change into RMB, it feels like you bought a pile of garbage back, both helpless and helpless, so my idea is to do fine with all your station. Energy, while we are young and have the power, put all the trash away, buy a good domain name, do a good program, calm, steadfast.