6 secret skills that community operations have to know


community marketing is a very fierce big proposition, this article from my experience base for some bright spots of the community to put everyone at operation skills.

have these skills, then you do some experience before, can let you play before reborn.

is a qualified game player will able to build group community, group operation, the group disbanded, from birth to death, this architecture serves you to achieve constructive goals, the various aspects of process planning and supporting the establishment of a plan.

you are an engineer, such as building a house, to take these things designed, rather than a head shot his sleeves foolhardy.

on this premise, let’s start our operation and maintenance skills chapter

first, the theme of the group is distinct,

, don’t let anyone else go in and don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t be too broad.

This theme,

is the network marketing sometimes, unless you are partial network type, otherwise this theme appears to be great, even the new media operators, it is a big topic, so often see some people will build some more segments of the theme of community, such as public operations, WeChat communication group, in addition to some people may build 100, exchange group, today’s headlines exchange group, and even some people will build a special group to discuss how to write text, how to engage in publishing. How big is the theme of the group, and it depends on what you are good at. Remember that the stronger the group, the stronger the control.

second to intervene in the atmosphere of group information flow

around the theme of the group, the organizers should take the initiative to interfere with the atmosphere of the group, as far as possible to reduce the subject of irrelevant information, noise.

don’t think the group is noisy and impetuous, everyone is dozens of hundred groups, who are willing to be regarded as nonsense every day. With the people in general are something that, say that bulkhead work, only the poor silly stay only by people every day in the Group Limited blind JB chat.

third group, the rules of the game to convince

before a tweet is said by the main group rules need to maintain, in accordance with the "rule of law" group. However, the premise of "law enforcement" is that you and your group communicate well with the law. These groups should at least be able to justify themselves, as organizers, the best brains to understand the point, the rule is based on multi win.

each group you can think of it as a "country", but you made this rule, people don’t think the net to convince, the group of people when pigs to harvest, group of friends, everyone is a fool, it, time will be see.

, for example, I’ve just responded to group activity –


if the community sponsor is a fool, want to manage others in good order, do according to rhythm >