Cash flow WeChat would use the electricity supplier still look beautiful

not long ago all media quietly accidentally exposed WeChat 5 new version, which in addition to the public account of the rule changes, the most important is the electricity supplier in terms of action, one is through the sweep into shopping, two is quietly launched the WeChat payment".

wrote a letter to sing decline O2O article, in fact now can not see the promotion of two-dimensional code card, O2O to do so "heavy" things too hard, WeChat direct attention to relatively easy games and B2C.

based on "crazy guess" in the circle of friends crazy pass, hand travel into WeChat is very imaginative, but the electricity supplier,


1, no interest, how to cultivate habits,

first review why WeChat can heat up, first users find text not money, but also more convenient for the graph and voice conversation can also solve the communication efficiency to save money, this is the "user interests".

According to the disclosure of the WeChat 5

function, when users scan books, music CD cover, will generate a page, which lists the Dangdang and Amazon shopping links, and watercress book and film reviews and other related information, the fans think this is a new shopping mode change.

of course, this is a wonderful future, all visible products are available for sweeping purchase, but for the current user habits, it is clear that the actual application is still relatively far away. At present, many APP such as Alipay, Dangdang has launched scanning shopping function, but according to internal sources of user acceptance is not high, at least now user data is not too good.

even with the shopping behavior directly related to Alipay, Dangdang and so difficult to cultivate the habit of the user, the new version of the WeChat

can do it?

is back to the user’s needs, scanning a Book user, results take 1-2 seconds to wait, and click on the results jump to the purchase page, needs 2-3 seconds, choose to pay the final purchase, still need 2-3 seconds.

according to monitoring the whole process of APP revealed that even if the waiting time is very short, but users will still need to wait because of losing patience, the user’s loss rate is very large, very few can finally complete the transaction. It is also not what incentives to encourage users to wait, such as shopping by scanning 10 yuan cheaper money, no interest demand, why not buy online, or directly on Dangdang, Amazon’s APP search to buy it.

seems to only sense, is through the scanning after WeChat became a price channel, because it can realize the scanning shopping category is very small, in the very long term may only be limited to books and audio-visual products, and these products the price difference is not too big, let the user >