08 which kinds of websites attract VC best


08 years VC optimistic about what kind of website, recently from investors to find some projects and look at the needs of the project to see, after observation, I think 08 years VC money in the following industry will throw more:

1, Internet commerce application website.

Including the

industry B2B site, C2C site, a special B2C site, B2B is concerned mainly because of Ali listed comrades led the rise of this website, especially the application of Internet business, used in trade and manufacturing, will become a bright spot. C2C, thanks to the blog Web2.0 technology allows the majority of users have a strong sense of independence, while Taobao’s website makes you have online business awareness, so all kinds of C2C websites resurgence, has become an inevitable trend. B2C, tell the truth, for business and network enterprises in traditional industries have to rely on the line of the transformation is a very promising, but for most people do IT do B2C enterprise, I is not optimistic, such as peak force health mall site that, although very popular, but I am not optimistic, because BtoC is becoming more and more popular, even each production enterprises have to open their own BtoC mall.

2, industry integration class website

The concept of

sounds a bit strange, you may ask: what is the integration of the industry Web site? Actually I want to say, the second generation of the industry portal, we all know the essence of the first generation industry portal is the integration of information industry, and the characteristics of the second generation is the integration of resources from the industry. The flow of information to the logistics to flow to the flow of funds, e-commerce platform for the industry, this website is not the media industry, but the industry e-commerce platform, to give you an example you see for example: Peach nets epantao.com, I analyzed he belongs to the health industry, he now includes health consultation, health services, CtoC BtoC, BtoB, is visible, industry consolidation in the classic, is also among the ranks of the freak.

3, financial services web site.

financial services, heard every month by selling financial software stocks and advertising, tens of millions of profits each month, first heard when I jumped, but carefully to really have its thing, that the stock market is 07 years China inflection point, the environment itself is good, the overall income of the industry is high plus, they raised VC or private good money, financial services website in 08 years Manniu City, will be up to VC, they are clever people, will pay more attention, more optimistic about the.

4, mobile game terminal software and website.

mobile value-added services and the WAP industry have been dragged down by the SP industry, which is known as the old story. But now, in the 08 year, we’re using KJAVA/BRE> for mobile phones and WAP on the web or mobile games