Make a quality website

recently used to see ADMIN5 above some articles, although much above the ADMIN5 part is some webmaster hair soft, but also have a lot of good article, worth us to learn from their strengths.


recently saw such types of articles a month to create thousands of IP "or" a new web site for much of the flow and so on, I don’t know how many of these IP is useful IP really, how many IP are what we really needed to IP. As a webmaster in Baidu Post Bar inside the post drainage, and he posts inside it is precisely what the users need, then users click to enter the site, but found that this is a forum, but also need to register, so they began to register, to return information to get what they want what, if set the reply can see can imagine a day can register many people, but you can find them back in their registration are all out of order some letters, their Reply may be a few simple expressions, or some meaningless letters, how can these people registered significant? They usually get what they want, they completely forget this forum for you, and you just a little more, a little more garbage forum. If you need to register, if you only need to see a hot forum if you own a complete registration machine can be registered and then use the machine to reply, so you can have thousands of numbers to satisfy their vanity!

I tried to create a forum, but there are also open access visitors, basically does not set you can reply, because in my opinion is not necessary, you limit the posts or articles, others are registered, but the return rate, we need a common customer. Not a one-time customer, as in business, not a business. What we need is to cooperate with each other (but for some of the more special, you can still set the necessary reply!) a I made the production site has been hovering at the edge, and I also did not understand how to make the site, just by his interest in things forum and movie website, although I know through the optimization of SEO or some words can improve a lot of traffic, but if I have done the first website, can get lots of traffic but there is much we need


has also saw some people wrote their own websites every day to 100 but the money is earned more than the tens of thousands of traffic, I think this is probably the difference between high quality IP and garbage flow, do stand, we need to do a quality site, but we also need the user? Users who are useful, only those "high quality user" is the most fundamental purpose we do the site