From an article published in Webmaster nets and behind the times……


noon, issued an article: hundreds of members of the site a monthly income of nearly million ( in fact, in the hair before I have hesitated: certainly condemning. Because I had sent a few of these, I have been a lot of abuse, but there are indeed a few brothers and I said, according to my written carefully considered, the station is indeed better than to think.

I still want to go on. Adhere to the central idea is only one: never lack of technology, the lack of operational determination and open thinking.

is very funny, some people even said the above article is soft, soft wen you’ve seen a few silly will your blog write up? Sorry, I expect the blog to make money? No Laoxu skill and fame, I also have a little bit of self-knowledge, so I don’t expect blog famous, do not expect I write on the blog to make money, just think I bother writing these words, should indicate the copyright. Because this year, reprinted not to write a lot of sources, including myself often forget, or too troublesome to write. Here, I’d like to write my blog:

below, I would like to answer some of the above article. One by one, come on, find a few from the reply:

1, the soft! I don’t answer, says very clearly, I don’t need to give yourself a just by their hobby, there is no clear theme and future blog do soft Wen, just to find a website to write soft article and brothers of revenue can drink a little wine, not the necessary.

2, what kind of website? A: I said, I won’t say, if I want to say long ago. I had written in the webmaster network, web site has written, or some people do not believe, some people curse. But I found that there is indeed a brother don’t get rich, later than my ranking before I said that there are people who do not believe, I can only say that it is not suitable to do the webmaster iq. Each industry has type, you can do my information security, then I will do this promising; you do wood wood you do have a future, this no doubt! You obviously do wood, absolutely ignorant of the information security, I also want to enter this industry, you can own the wall.

3, nothing good! You can say that. Because I had countless people and said: hao123 this rotten station no technology, no future! I’m an hour can copy a! But they sell? How much money? I believe that hao123 has no future if I do not know I said one? I believe you came to the station network, also is to believe stationmaster net. Well, since the editor of the webmaster can put this article in such a conspicuous place, it proves that people read it carefully,


4, "everyone knows the domain name, everybody knows the portal, everybody knows the company."